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  1. Hello Brian and forum users, I would like if you could in the future test Enterprise Drives with Consumer Tests, so we can see for example how Seagate IronWolf Pro vs Seagate BarraCuda Pro perform. Like here where they test many : Is there any reason to take the BarraCuda Pro instead of IronWolf Pro ? Thank you !
  2. In quantity of 1 which is the most reliable, powerful and silent Enterprise Drive 7200 rpm ? The 2 TB WD Gold is inaudible it seems under usage : And it is a much better choice than the consumer WD Black 2 TB at the same price ! What other enterprise drives could be used in a Desktop PC for music production with good performance ?
  3. Thank you. The Iron Wolf Pro (ST6000NE0023 is the newer revision for the 6TB model?) has 600 000 load/unload cycles, the read/write access time is better than Barracuda PRO, however the Barracuda Pro is better in PCMark tests (applications) To me the Iron Wolf Pro is closer to enterprise levels at same price with Barracuda Pro, at least for 6 TB. Going to use the HDD with many audio files and music audio programs. The biggest problem would be for the drive to fail and make all data useless. Because Seagate is going to replace the HDD and lose money, and next time the customer will no longer buy from same company. I never had problems with Seagate. Would you recommend an Exos enterprise drive instead for desktop ? How is the firmware tuned on those enterprise HDDs ?
  4. WD Gold : Seagate Exos E : (former Enterprise Capacity) Seagate Exos X : (former Enterprise Capacity) HGST Ultrastar 7K6000 : Toshiba also ? Which one is worth it compared to ( VS ) BarraCuda Pro, WD Black etc ?
  5. 30 dB is inaudible. Don't need crazy low sound, just to not get some crazy constant sound from the HDD. How did you found the WD Black 4-6 TB sound like ? Was it louder than the rest ?
  6. I know storage review also tests HDD, and i saw your review, but i wanted to point out what i found when i read the first page of this review : It tells all the mechanical changes WD did from the 4TB to the 6TB model and there are several. Does this 6TB model has 5.45TB real storage ? I am making a new PC for Music Production / Video & Picture Editing. For the exact cost of Samsung 850 PRO 512 GB i can buy the WD Black 6TB, which according to tests beats a 10,000 rpm drive. I was thinking to make a silent PC, so the only concern is noise, how much noise could this drive produce ? Are these results relevant : ? Anything under 30 dB like 23 dB is inaudible ? What do you make of the author comments ? I need the HDD for normal usage like recordings, synthesizers or sample based music creation. Would this drive be OK for that, or would i need a faster drive or an SSD ? Any suggestions, is there a better alternative ? And are there any new HDD coming out ? An alternative could be : Seagate BarraCuda Pro 6TB (ST6000DM004) ? It has same price as 6 TB black.
  7. Brian, can you state an opinion, what would you recommend in my case from your experience or knowledge ?
  9. Options & Prices: 2.5" BarraCuda Hard Drive 4 TB (ST4000LM024) 161 EURO BarraCuda Hard Drive 5 TB (ST5000LM000) 201 EURO 3.5" BarraCuda Pro Hard Drive 4 TB (128 MB) ST4000DM006 165 EURO BarraCuda Pro Hard Drive 6 TB (256 MB) ST6000DM004 238 EURO BarraCuda Pro Hard Drive 8 TB (256 MB) ST8000DM0004 304 EURO BarraCuda Pro Hard Drive 10 TB (256 MB) ST10000DM0004 394 EURO Western Digital BLACK 6TB (128 MB) WD6002FZWX 240 EURO Hitachi Ultrastar 7K6000 6TB ? What to choose ? Anything better ?
  10. Seagate Reliability Lawsuit 1.5 & 3TB Take a look : Crappy company.
  11. Vampire

    Seagate Reliability Lawsuit 1.5 & 3TB

    What i am saying is that they knew very well what are the exact components that they used in their product. So no one can accuse them that they didn't know what they were producing and selling to the public. Some big companies like Gigabyte are know to remove components or replace them in their products, with lower quality components some time after introducing them to the market without specifying that. It may be the same thing with Seagate.
  12. Vampire

    Seagate Reliability Lawsuit 1.5 & 3TB

    Probably yes, but now they are big boys and have loads of cash. It is time to stop putting crappy Chinese components that fail.
  13. Vampire

    Seagate Reliability Lawsuit 1.5 & 3TB

    This is a multi billion company, it's not like some small company that needs love for making small mistakes. I don't care about any company, unlike you. If they make crappy HDD (Chinese components) because they don't care about their customers but only about profit it's their problem, but paying reviewers to praise them and defend them it's utterly pathetic and a shame for such a huge corporation. But i guess this is capitalism, fool the customer take their money, spit them in the face, pay people to defend companies everywhere. I guess the court of law will decide and make justice this time not the reviewers or the paid forum fanboys.
  14. Vampire

    Seagate Reliability Lawsuit 1.5 & 3TB

    I don't advise Seagate for HDD. They don't make HDD like they did 10 years ago. Right now they are the worst. See :
  15. Is WD 4TB Black still the best HDD right now ? (WD4003FZEX) Any updates on newer HDD products that are faster and more silent than WD Black that are coming in the future (2015) ? Thank you
  16. 54 HDDs and SSHDs, reviewed: the best drives for your desktop, laptop, and NAS Includes all important modern hard drives! By Koen Crijns Tuesday 16 June 2015 07:35
  17. SSD will die. Get ready for RRAM = almost immortal storage.
  18. Vampire

    WD Black vs Blue for gaming PC

    How on earth is black < blue ?
  19. Are you talking about these new Toshiba 3.5 drives : ? PX3009E-1HP0 - 4TB PX3010E-1HQ0 - 5 TB In europe they clearlly state : In USA : PH3400U-1I72 - 4 TB PH3500U-1I72 - 5 TB So they are that nosy to be unbearable. Fake marketing for Toshiba then. Any tests ? If that is the case i am left with buying a HGST Ultrastar 7K6000. Any test here ?
  20. Yes, WD Black 2 has Load/unload cycles 300,000 the rest have 600,000 that is why one claims 1.2 million hours and the others 2 million hours. Stay away from Black 2. I would have thought that they turned HGST into a "WD chinese maker" by now (since they bought HGST maybe they started making cheeper products there too). Right now i am looking at : Toshiba 3.5" SATA Hard Drive - MD Series - 5/4 TB or HGST Ultrastar 7K6000 (unless WD started forcing them to make cheeper quality ) 6TB, 5TB, 4TB & 2TB. Seagate and Western Digital are more or less crap with high failuire rate ! Waiting for reviews. Any news when these come to european market ?
  21. NSA Hides Spying Backdoors into Hard Drive Firmware ! What do you say now ? Will you still buy a new HDD from WD or SG ? Debate please.
  22. Good. I can't understand how can "adjusting voltages and other knobs and levers as time goes on to spread the wear more evenly" can bring that much difference. I think it all comes down to cherry picking the nand in enterprise models. Although here is another explanation from anandtech : And if you have the drive 80% full then woudn't it fail fast ? At lest the 20% portion ? Or will it move files around ?
  23. All audience wants fast drives a.k.a Perpendicular Magnetic Recording (PMR). How is this corelated with their newer 3.5 : Need a reply here :
  24. I knew i would give you a great time. 840 PRO (21nm) started to fail after 600 TB, way after the 150TB warranty of the better 40nm 850 pro. But not all nand is equal ! 600 TB = 600 000 GB For a 256 GB model like the one tested it means : 600 000 / 256 = 2343 cycles ! ( filling the SSD that ammount of times ) That mean a 512 GB model require the same 2343 cycles of writes but it would mean a total of 2 x 600 000 GB in total endurance correct ? Is the SLC rated at 100 000 cycles no matter the nm is is build on ? If the MLC at 21nm is rated at 3000 cycles (in truth 2343 cycles) the 40nm is rated at 6000 (in truth around 4460 cycles). So a 256 GB will resist 1 141 760 GB = 1141 TB if we scale all tests equally and not imaginary cycles like anadtech uses to round up numbers. The problem is not all nand is equal and some fail sooner. in red marketing lies. The thing is why is 150 TB limit the same for 128 - 256 - 512 - 1024 GB models ? 4430 x 128 = 567 TB 4430 x 256 = 1134 TB 4430 x 512 = 2268 TB 4430 x 1024 = 4536 TB