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  1. triple-A Volkov

    2x 3,5" IDE drives - what to do?

    I saw a lot of "made in China" things above
  2. triple-A Volkov

    WD6000HLHX (Velociraptor 600GB)

    Let me see, I'd like to consider it as the VelociRaptor is more like for the consumer's market, if you prefer it to run 24x7, let's choose S25 series like WD6000BKHG. And I thought that WD may downgrade some "not good enough" S25 HDDs to VelociRapor.
  3. triple-A Volkov

    The Hard Drive Giveaway Thread!

    Well, I'm interested in WD RE3 and / or 7K500(especially when it has 5 platters, can I have a model number of it?), But I'm in China, wondering the cost of shipment.
  4. triple-A Volkov

    hard drive horror

    HDD firmware update doesn't seem quite possible for us consumers to update, and it won't improve the performance. RAID requires same model of HDDs.
  5. triple-A Volkov

    Cable for SATA 3?

    May be you shall use some nice cables, for example blue cables from dell computers.
  6. triple-A Volkov

    Western Digital (Blue) Reliability

    Would you like to try RE4 series?
  7. I'm wondering if I can reply this topic, but recently I found that pcb of 01T8B0 is similar to WD2002FASS-00U0B0 (DCM: HARCNV2AA), and pcb of 02W0B0 is similar to WD2002FAEX-007BA0 (DCM: HARCHV2CA). Some benchmark results indicateds that access time performance of 01T8B0 might be better than 02W0B0, uhh... wait, it seems that 02W0B0's liner speed (MB/s) could be faster.
  8. triple-A Volkov

    New Harddrive for survey

    WD2002SYPS? No mistyping?
  9. triple-A Volkov

    WD Scorpio Black 750GB

    I hate it that there're just 8MB cache for Scorpio blue, and just 16MB for Scorpio black! Cache benefits a lot for laptops, why didn't they see that?