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  1. Thanks for the reply..I will check that out! ~shiva
  2. Hello all...I have looked at all the online storage solutions I can find but none have the feature I am looking for. Basically, I have moved out to the country and the best Internet I can get is verizon wireless which has a 5gigabyte per month limit (more if I want to spend more but I prefer not to). As a web developer this is not much bandwidth. What I am looking for is an online hard drive that will not mirror what is on my hard drive but one that I can use as a hard drive itself. For example if a client sends me 10 huge photos for their web site via gmail I would like to save it directly to my online hard drive bypassing my hard drive (and bandwidth) entirely. Then be able to manage that file from there using an online photo resizer and/or other apps. Or as another example, I'd like to be able to download a wordpress theme straight to my online hard drive and from there FTP it to my own server. Is there any service where this kind of thing is possible? Preferably I would like it to look and act like a hard drive on my computer...they all do this but all of them seem to require you to originally have it on your own hard drive. Any tips appreciated! ~shiva