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  1. Hi all I have quite an old IBM ThinkPad iSeries 1200, a Pentium 3 that I still have to use as a result of financial limitations, but it still does the job for me. I need to upgrade the Hard Drive that has an IDE interface. I looked around for prices both used and new and came to the obvious conclusion that SATA Hard Drives are a lot cheaper then same size IDE drives, sometimes even cheaper then used IDE ones. I looked around for a solution and found many SATA/IDE adapters, some allegedly for Laptops. As it happens in almost all laptops, inside of the HD caddy there is absolutely no space left. However, as you all know, IDE Hard Drives have a “Male” interface and the ThinkPad has also another “Male” connector. Being both “males” IBM installed an IDE female/female adaptor to allow the connection of the hard drive to the laptop. This female/female adaptor has about 4 or 5 mm with and it fits perfectly in the HD caddy. Some of the SATA / IDE adapters that I found on the WWW have a “Male” SATA interface on one side and a “Female” IDE on the other. This means that the IBM adapter that originally came with the laptop can be removed and this means 4 or 5 mm of precious space that can allow for the installation of another adapter. Looking at it in pictures it seems that these adapters can fit in the laptop HD caddy, provided the maximum length of that adaptor is 2.5 inches. Before spending any money in this apparent “solution” I need to be sure that, in fact, it works. So the questions for anyone willing to give a hand in this are. - Has anybody used this kind of adapters in laptops before ? - Do they do the job ? - Can anyone tell me where to buy one of these adapters in Toronto ? (I cannot buy directly from the Internet). - These adapters consume about 0.8 to 1 Watt for the “translation” work weather the disk is spinning or not. Does this increased consumption create any specific problem? All the best Stilicho