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    48 Drives iSCSI SAN ...

    Hi Kooler, Nice to know, only problem is that actually starwind doesn't support deduplication in HA editions (But in their web it says: "coming soon") but what you say makes perfect sense Also, I've contacted ARECA, and they told me they are going to implement RAID 100 on their controllers, up to 128 drives per array, so we are considering filling up the complete chasis, with 72 drives RAID10... Do you guys think it makes sense, or it's too much? (We are planning to export the array to iSCSI target using 8 1gbps ethernet links)
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    48 Drives single RAID10 array...

    I've got the following e-mail from ARECA support: Really nice support, I must say... Quite impressed, and quite happy as we for sure prefer ARECA over Adaptec
  3. xtrill

    48 Drives single RAID10 array...

    Hi sub.mesa, Actually, what I didn't write is that in the setup we plan to have two SANs as an Active/Active HA setup using StardWind software, and we will run backup to one NAS. StarWind is a iSCSI target software running over Windows 2008, and the acquire the best performance we have to export directly the block device provided by RAID controller. Exporting another iSCSI target running over Linux would make no sense, as adding another iSCSI layer would impact performance. We have been checking also Open-E but doesn't seem as good as StarWind is as a solution. (Basically as StarWind allows us to have a huge WriteBack cache, like 48GB on RAM, managed by the software, having this huge WB cache would not be a problem as it would be a Active/Active setup with synchronous replication) Also I know that we would need expensive drives with TLER/CCTL/ERC support, but as we plan to use 10.000RPM drives it might not be a problem. And let me say that we really like ZFS, but for this setup, as we lack a good iSCSI target software with Active/Active HA Setup support running over linux, it doesn't really fit Anyway, thanks for your comments and suggestions, and we are open the any other ideas
  4. Just as an advice, we had problems with 300GB Velociraptor drives and some hardware raid controllers, which card are you planning to use?
  5. Hi, We are into the project of building a 48 drives iSCSI SAN, it would be the base of 8 Xen Servers running about 300+ VM instances, so high performance it's really important as you may guess After our first research we are considering the following: Chassis: - SuperMicro 417E16-R1400UB or 417E26-R1400UB (http://www.supermicro.com/products/chassis/4U/417/SC417E26-R1400U.cfm) Basically difference is about the SAS Expanders, one is E16 Single Expander chip and the other E26 Dual Expander chip (Both SAS2 6Gb/s) Motherboard: Not decided yet, but it would be SuperMicro (As is our main hardware provider) probably with the following specs: Dual Xeon 5600 Series 48 GB RAM (To use as cache) Network Cards: Not decided yet, basically we are checking out Intel to use DCA to reduce network interrupts, and/or cards which support iSCSI offload. RAID Controller: Here is the big thing, actually the only RAID controller we've found which supports 48 drives RAID10 is Adaptec 5 Series, but we are unsure about the performance of this card for this setup. But as you may see in the link below it supports +32 drives in an unique RAID10 array. http://ask.adaptec.com/scripts/adaptec_tic.cfg/php.exe/enduser/std_adp.php?p_faqid=15135 Hard Drives: We are thinking about using WD Velociraptor 600GB drives, as we had really good experience in the past with these drives, but we are open to other possibilities, only requirement is that the drive should be at least 10.000RPM and 2,5" form factor (Also drives with less than 600GB per drive are suitable) iSCSI target Software: We are considering two solutions, starwind and Open-e, actually we prefer StarWind as it is able to manage a huge amount of RAM as WriteBack cache for the system (We plan to use the 48GB of RAM for that) and as we plan a Active/Active HA setup, even if one of the SANs goes offline, there would not be data loss, as the other SAN would be replicated synchronously. Good point of Open-e is that it would allow as to have 2 x 24 drives RAID 10, and merge them into just one RAID0 array, but cache management of StarWind seems like a really huge benefit. So, if anybody could provide advice about the following questions, we would really apreciate : 1.- Do you know or recommend any controller for 48 drives RAID 10 array? 2.- Experiences with Open-e or StarWind software, any recommendations? 3.- Obviously any other suggestion or tip to improve our setup would be highly appreciate . Thanks a lot for your help! (And sorry about my english, I'm not native english speaker )
  6. Hi there storage experts Well, we need to build some SANs for our new virtual machine cloud hosting service, and as you may imaging it would need to have extremely high IO performance, as it would have to support +300 Xen virtual machines. Actually one of our main problems is that we need to setup a RAID10 with 48 x drives. We are considering WD Velociraptor 600GB (WD6000BLHX) as we've had really good experiences with them, but we are open to other options. Basically now we are facing one problem, because almost none RAID controller (As far as we know) supports more than 32 disks per RAID10 array. We only found Adaptec 5 series cards, but we are not really sure about the performance of those cards (We would prefer ARECA cards, but ARECA support informed us that actually they don't support +32 drives per array) So, anyone knows any RAID card that would support 48 drives RAID 10 array, and provide superior performance? Also, we have the possibility to use a chassis with one, two or none SAS expanders. (Actually the iSCSI target software we are considering only supports exporting block devices, so we cannot do a software RAID0 over two different RAID10 hardware arrays, and it also works over Windows 2008, so ZFS it's not an option ) Thanks a lot for your help! (And excuses about my English, I'm not native speaker )