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  1. I just moved from Germany to the USA. I packed all my HDs in anti-static bubblewrap and into a pelican case. Re-assembled my PC on arrival. All was well (or so I thought). It seems that I have two drives that, when reading from them, the PC hard freezes. No blue screen, no debugging dump when I reboot.. One drive stores music, and a tip off is that it stutters, it seems the drive has trouble serving up an MP3, and eventually, after enough reads, the machine freezes. I have tried 3 different SMART monitors, all say the drives are fine.. even after they lock up my pc. Does this sound drive related or controller related? Any diagnostics I can run to isolate the issue? Thanks, CE
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    Upgrade my PC, help me understand performance

    My mobo maxes out at 8gb. I was thinking about spending less than 200 eur. Also, for a sys drive I don't need more than 80gb, really.
  3. So.. I used to be a member here back maybe 10 years ago (gasp!) I am thinking about upgrading to an SSD for my system drive, but let me tell you a little about what I do, and see if people can help. I primarily work with video, images, multimedia stuff. I store all this on my X: drive (1.5tb, data going back to 1990) and have it backup every week. But I need some more RAM as my main HD is paging out a lot (buying now). I love the sound of a 10k, I love knowing when I am paging or there's some weird issue hitting my HD. That said, it just doesn't feel that snappy, and lately when my computer is hanging or slow I can hear the 10k crunching. I have a GA-P35-DS4, 4gb of RAM. This week I will upgrade to 8GB, and also potentially buy a HD/SSD either to use as my system drive or place to put my page, photoshop swap, after effects swap, etc on. Anyway, looking at HDs and RAM, the idea of tossing my 4 1GB sticks out, makes me think about a new mobo/cpu as well... I have a q6600 quad core 2.4, unsure if that's considered slow today. CE