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  1. slight typo in the link: should be aka....crucial m4 not crucial me
  2. MoFoQ

    Intel SSD 510 RAID Review Discussion

    what are the specs for the test rig? more importantly, what raid controller if any was used?
  3. Here's the backstory. About a month ago, I bought one of the Corsair Performance 3 (P3) 128GB drives. I bought my second one just this past Friday and I noticed one lil' thing. The firmware versions differed. The one I bought a month ago (drive #A) stated that it was running F/W 1.1 (according to both the label and the drive itself via Crystal DiskInfo). The drive I bought last Friday (drive # stated it was running F/W 1.0. The funny part is that #B has a "newer" serial number sequence than #A. I checked online and also checked with Corsair; no info on the differences between 1.0 and 1.1 nor info on 1.1. The tech support guy from Corsair seemed to be baffled and was not aware there was a 1.1. Anyone else run into this same issue? btw, I did try to send this along with screenshots to SR but the contact form bugged out on me. edit: removed emoticons
  4. For some reason, the contact form seems to think it worked and "didn't work" at the same time: Unable to send e-mail. Please contact the site administrator if the problem persists. Your message has been sent. Unfortunately, the problem persists and there's no separate way to contact the "administrator" except through the method that is broken. Any suggestions/help?