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    Where can I find SLC SSDs for enterprise use?

    Thank you, Brian & Kevin. I have been through Micron's parts catalogue, but I didn't expect anyone to contact Micron directly. I have been following this drive since it was announced last August, and I have been quite impressed with the coverage. I'm simply surprised that in almost a year, it has barely reached sales channels. I understand that it is not a high-volume part relative to Crucial's consumer offerings, but it's frustrating to not be able to get at least a single unit within a week or two. One today could mean two hundred tomorrow. If I were Micron, particularly with such positive coverage by SR and others, I would make sure that there are zero procurement issues. Phenomenal products have been killed because of poor sales execution. We have looked at some of the current-gen offerings, though most don't meet our current sizing requirements, as many still top out at 64GB (and yes, we're accounting for concatenating storage together using RAID). My purchasing guy went ahead to get an OCZ Vertex 2 EX 100GB, so this will likely fit the bill for testing SSDs in general, but a couple of our tech guys are leery of sticking it into our servers.
  2. After reading the review of the Micron RealSSD P300, my company wanted to go out to purchase a few test units in the 100-200GB range, but everywhere we turn, nobody's carrying anything like it in stock, and there's at least a ten-week lead time. Is there any reasonably equivalent substitutes for this drive, and where can I find them for purchase in small quantities (2-5)?