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  1. The normal Samsung 840 EVO uses fast SLC memory to cache write operations. I would prefer an mSATA device that has 1/3 less capacity but comes with SLC caching as well. Instead they opted for more capacity which is kind of sad. The combination of eDrive support (hardware supported encryption) and SLC would have made it the most suitable drive for the Surface Pro 2.
  2. I would like to use this SSD with Windows 8, TPM and Bitlocker. To bypass the software encryption the SSD needs to support the SED standard. In this configuration the Bitlocker will use the TPM that will directly use the hardware encryption of the drive via SED. Do you know if the DC S3700 is conforming to the SED standard like the Micron C400 SED? The performance penalty would be interesting too. The bitlocker for W8 can only cnrypt used sectors and this should be benefitial for SSDs.
  3. If the encryption is based on SED I would like to see another comparison. Windows 8 and the Bitlocker allow drive encryption like Truecrypt. The difference is that the Bitlocker can use the TPM of the motherboard. With an SSD based on the SED standard the TPM could directly use the hardware encryption of the SSD bypassing the CPU. This should result in significant performance gains compared to standard encryption. Here the penalty of encryption would be interesting. The new Bitlocker also allows to only encrypt the used sectors. This is very important for SSDs because previously the whole drive was encrpted which had negative impact on SSDs - at least without massive overprovisioning.
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    Malware on storagereview?

    Same problem with Mozilla. The page is totally blocked. I had to add several exceptions manually to get into the forum. Obviously the system is thinking that some advertisement contained malware:
  5. All very nice but a full size design is not very usefull. What about 2U servers?