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  1. Good to know, thanks very much for doing that. You guys are way more responsive than Corsair and OCZ are on their forums. Perhaps you should get into the SSD business! I'll probably grab one of these when I get back from my holidays and give it a go in my StarTech eSATAp/USB enclosure. I guess that the drive can't run flat out over a USB 2.0 interface and so the power consumption is lower and therefore not an issue. It'll be interesting to see what happens in my eSATAp enclosure. How do you measure hard drive power consumption for your reviews?
  2. Both of those would be really useful, thanks. I second MrSpadges comments on the review units all being 240GB drives, and not the 60GB versions that most people will be interested in. I've set up a Google alert for Agility 3 and Force Series 3 reviews, but haven't seen a single review of the 60GB versions. The only benchmarks I've seen are from owners on the forums. I wonder if the 60GB will draw less power than the 120/240G? Less channels may mean less power consumption.
  3. How do you measure the power consumption in the SSD tests? Anandtech reports a maximum power consumption figure of 3.41 watts when doing a sequential write of incompressible data. This could be a problem if, like me, you'd like to use the drive in an enclosure. I believe specifications for external interfaces allow for: USB2.0 - 2.5W (500mA @ 5V) USB3.0 - 4.5W (900mA @ 5V) Power over eSATA(eSATAp) - ? I've Googled to find the power specifications for eSATAp, but the top hits are all from sites who confuse volts with power (watts)
  4. This looks interesting because the power consumption is quoted at 2.0W Max, so it could be suitable for use in a power over eSATA/USB enclosure. I haven't seen another SSD that comes close to combining this performance with a power envelope that could work in a 2.5" enclosure. Makes you wonder what trick they have used to trump other drives with the SandForce SF-2281 processor? Presumably they use special NAND. I see that the 60Gb model isn't listed on the Corsair website yet - but I think it's a safe bet that the performance will be a little lower than the larger models. I noticed that Corsair still haven't listed the specifications for the F40A and F60A, despite them being widely available for retail. My suspicious mind thinks that they don't want to publicise the poorer performance of the smaller capacity models...
  5. I'm considering buying one of these for use as a portable external boot drive. If storagereview benchmarks one of these drives it would be really useful to know what the power draw is under SATA2 (3Gbps), as 2.5" portable enclosures often run at 3Gbps and take their power from USB or eSATAp. The USB 2 specification allows for 500mA at 5v, so 2.5W, and the peak power consumption of this drive is 2.7W, presumably under SATA3. If the drive isn't aggressive with garbage collection it will presumably draw less power under SATA2, and so be within spec when used in an enclosure. There also appears to be a (firmware?) issue with the Vertex 3 that causes big problems on Linux & Mac OS, so it would be good to know if this problem applies to the Agility 3 as well. Details of the issue are in this thread on the OCZ forums: http://www.ocztechno...d-on-Linux-boot