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  1. Uffe Merrild

    15K rpm drives and heat issues

    I own a single Maxtor Atlas 15k II, the 36GB version, and it is cooled pretty well in my Antec SX1040 case. I have 2 low rpm pabst fans running in the back of the case, and the drive is secured in brackets in the 5 1/4" bays. I haven't been able to read temperatures off it yet, but by touch it seems like it is in the mid 30's to high 30's. I expected more actuator noise and drive heat from a 15k rpm drive, but this one has surprised me. My cheetah 10k.6 drive (36GB version) emits more noise while seeking and the temperatures are about the same. I would guess the fdb motors on the Maxtor drive attribute to this property. -Uffe
  2. Uffe Merrild

    Upgrade the cpu or the Harddrive to SCSI?

    I don't know about you guys, but I buy SCSI also because of the reliability-feeling. Since SCSI is good enough for servers, it must be good enough for me. I already bought the controller a while back, and I just want to have a SCSI drive as my boot device. It makes me feel that my data is safe. I also have some IDE drives for movies etc. which doesn't need a faster drive. Next drive I will be buying, is a Seagate 7200.7 120GB S-ATA, just to try out S-ATA and I chose Seagate because I regard the company as the most reliable harddrivemanufacturer around. -Uffe
  3. Uffe Merrild

    AthlonFX versus Opteron

    Dual Channel simply means 128-bit memory bus, and single channel means 64-bit memory bus. Just like you would remember from the old TNT-2/TNT-2 M64 days. One had 128bit memory bus and the other had 64bit memory bus. The Dual channel setup is faster than the single channel setup, in this case. By how much, I do not know. Physically, when you run a dual-channel setup, you need 2 identical RAM modules, where you only need 1 RAM module to run single channel. Mostly, you can compare Dual Channel with RAID0 -Uffe
  4. Troop, I hope you haven't got any CD-Roms in your optical drives. What you are describing is a normal behaviour when a CD is inserted to any optical drive. After a while the drive stops spinning the CD, and when you open "My computer" the CD-Rom drives will spin up - the time it takes to spin up is giving you the delay you are talking about. Check that out. It might also be your IDE device going into power-management mode. Either way, I suggest you try and listen very carefully to your computer when you experience the lag next time, if you hear a spin-up sound, we've probably hit the jackpot with our guesses. If there are no spin-up sounds, I would still suggest you take a look at the power saving sceme you've selected under "power options" in your control panel. -Uffe
  5. Uffe Merrild

    IBM laptops vs others

    I bought a Dell Inspiron 8200 a while ago. The unit came with a 15" UXGA LCD, 2GHz P4M, 256MB RAM, Radeon Mobility 9000 64MB, 24x CD-RW/DVD, 40GB Hitachi 5400rpm 2Mb cache - integrated 3Com 100Mbit LANcard and 2 PCMCIA (spell-check!) slots. I then added another 256MB RAM to boost the performance. I have had the laptop for 4 months now. There has been no problems at all, which I didn't expect either. The performance and stability is top-notch. There has been zero crashes or hard-locks during the entire time. I play Warcraft III, C&C Generals and other current games on it without crappy performance, the games run smooth. I use it mainly at university. I study to become an EE and mobility is a big help, when I go between the different laboratories out there. The only thing which bothers me about the laptop, is the placing of the RJ-45 port, which is beneath the palm rests on the left side of the laptop. They should have placed it at the back instead. -Uffe
  6. Uffe Merrild

    SCSI drive issues, random disconnects

    Check your power cabling. Find out if the drive looses power suddenly. I've had those problems myself, and it were the powerconnector which "failed" to deliver power to the drive in question. -Uffe
  7. Uffe Merrild


    Seagate or Quantum - after I bought my last quantum drives, Maxtor has bought the company. I never trusted maxtor, so I turned to Western Digital and Seagate. -Uffe
  8. Uffe Merrild

    Fastest laptop drive?

    Which conditions do you have to look for, when checking for compatability? Size and thermal properties are my guesses - just to make sure I don't overlook anything, I would like to buy the 7k60 for my Inspiron 8200 - and have 2 harddrives for it. All I need to find out, is how to swap my FDD for another harddrive in my modular bay. I don't know where I can buy the modular bay-cartrigde for harddrives. -Hawser
  9. Uffe Merrild

    ABIT KG-7 lite

    Generally, the AMD 761 chipset is long outdated in a high-performance system. You should try and get hold of an nforce 2 chipset instead. A good choice is the EPoX-8RDA+ motherboard. http://www.anandtech.com/mb/showdoc.html?i=1759&p=17 Review of the epox motherboard. -Uffe
  10. Change the order in which the cards are seated on the PCI bus, the card you need to boot from needs to have the lowest PCI bus ID number. Normally PCI slot1 has the lowest PCI bus ID number. For example if you would be seating your SCSI card in PCI slot1, and your IDE controller in PCI slot 2, everything should be ok. -Uffe
  11. Uffe Merrild

    Laptop hard drive recommendations ?

    Thanks for the info Pradeep! That cures my problem completely - it will be much easier to buy a new harddrive to replace the old one, when there are no wierd partition which needs to be created and re-build with data. -Uffe
  12. Uffe Merrild

    Laptop hard drive recommendations ?

    How does one replace a laptop harddrive, software-wise? I own a Dell Inspiron 8200, and there is a 47MB FAT partition on the drive, which is said to be used for BIOS and important startup files. How do you replicate such a partition? I guess you have to replicate the partition, when you replace your old harddrive with a new one... I would like to know how to do this, since I will be replacing my laptop harddrive in a few years time. Another thing - does any one of you measure your laptop harddrives temperature? I'm getting high readings of 55-60C. I'm not sure the drive is suited to run at such high temperature, but so far there has been no problems at all. -Uffe
  13. Uffe Merrild

    Laptop harddrive questions

    I'm hoping that I won't have to replace my harddrive in my laptop soon. I hate to loose data, and I hate it even more when my computers have to be sent back for repairs. I could buy a new drive and have 2 of them in the laptop, then using one of them while the other is at Dell for repairs. Damn reliability, it shouldn't be a concern. Ever! Cooling of the CPU is sufficient though - my laptop has never crashed on me. Besides, the P4 has thermal throttling. If the CPU becomes too hot, it will automatically throttle itself back and avoid thermal death (or so I hope!). -Uffe
  14. Uffe Merrild

    Laptop harddrive questions

    There's just a little problem with the car, it's not your average lincoln towncar...it's a japanese Mitsubishi Pajero '87 2.5TD. It does act up when driving, there's a constant bumping feeling when driving the car. I would presume that the drive could be damaged over long-time transport while running, but I'm not sure...maybe it can handle it..maybe not. That's why I'm asking on this forum. Stories like yours helps me out and points me in the direction of what I should expect from the laptop. I hope the temperature readings I get aren't going to destroy the drive. Somehow I do have faith in Dell, that they won't do something incredibly stupid, like blocking air ventilation over the harddrive, thereby decreasing it's life considerably. I don't know how long a harddrive will last when you run it 10c higher than spec'ed. I hope Dell know's what they're doing! -Uffe
  15. Uffe Merrild

    Laptop harddrive questions

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