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  1. CF3 is with Sandfroce 2000 series controller, It is not Corsair's fault ,it is up to the controller now Corsair has stopped selling and recalling them back
  2. Sorry Brain, i was travelling these days, just come back i am using the WIN7 OS with intel CPU i5
  3. I heard that using the AHCI option can increase the hard drive's performance, so i wanna test it, but i do not how it works MY PC OS is Win7 , the hard drive is Renice mSATA SSD .So the questions is: Should i install additional drivers/software from Renice to use AHCI or anything else thanks in advance
  4. You can update your W520 with msata SSD. It is avaliable In the market with Intel 310 (40/80gb)& Renice x3 (60/120gb) mSATA SSD b2cit.com is the place you can get them.
  5. i bought mSATA drive from b2cit USD299.90( 120GB) Including the DHL Shipping cost and took 3 days shipping to me
  6. Hi Brain I did not set up well the Hyperlink in my post, maybe you think i am the guy from the Renice, now i revised the Hyperlink in my post , you can check that, i just bought it after checking the reviews.
  7. Assemble screws to fit the SSD. Done. Assemble back the shelf Assemble the keyboard back. OK, assembled done. Switch on the PC, looking for disk.... Haha.. Find RENICE X3 in the BIOS Install system now System installed finished. Evaluate the SSD score, amazed me again, 7.8 scores. As far as i know, the highest is 7.9. At last, test it with CDM, 261MB/249MB, good results!
  8. After I checked Renice X3 (SF1222) mSATA SSD User Review, I decided to buy Renice X3 mSATA 120GB to update my X220i, but now MyDigitalDiscount is out of stock. I contacted Renice and brought this SSD from b2cit.com. I attached detailed update process, hope it can give you some instruction if you have not update x220i before. RENICE 50mm mSATA OK, let me take over the back side and disassemble the screws. 3、Turn back again and take out the keypad Be carefully, Keyboard slip connect with blue connector, plug it out lightly! Ok, Keyboard take it out. Take over back again and start to disassemble screws in row. Take out the back shelf. OK, Now, we can start to replace the SSD. Good. It rightly match with slot.