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    16port pci-e x16 Controller Card?

    From reading (albeit on wikipedia) it sounded like pci-e x16 wouldn't even be enough to keep up with 16x6GB/s ports. Also the fact that the motherboard it's going into is only pci-e 1.0. Maybe my math was wrong though. After some more research, I did find an LSI pci-e x16 with 16 external ports, but with a different port type (which would take much more expensive cables.) I think we will indeed just end up going with an x8 card unless I can somehow manage to get the rr2744 to act as an HBA. Thanks for your response in any case. -Joren
  2. Hey, I've been hunting and hunting and just can't seem to find the card I'm looking for. Has anyone ever ran across a pci-e x16 16-port (4 SAS ports) controller card (not raid) before? I got the Highpoint RR2744 thinking it would fit the bill, as it's marked as a "Controller Card" but no such luck. What I'm really looking for is direct access from the OS to the harddrives, so I can query the drives and check SMART stats and whatnot, but all I can seem to find is pci-e x8 card for some reason. Any help would be greatly appreciated. -Joren