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  1. Hi! Currently I have HTPC configured like this; HW: AMD Athlon II x2 260 GIGABYTE GA-M68M-SP2 4GB DDR2 800MHz RAM 1xWD 500GB 7.2k 3xWD Green 2TB in RAID5 SW: Win 7 x64 XBMC Folder Sync ..... On my array, I mostly save large media files and important family photos (they're also synced to another PC). The array itself is managed by the on-board RAID controller and is using NTFS. Now, I want to expand my array, switch to a dedicated RAID card that's future proof and maybe change the FS, although the latter is probably not feasible if I stay on Windows. I'm fully aware that I'll have to delete the array in order to migrate to another RAID card. I want to go with Hardware RAID, not any Software solutions like FlexRaid, RaidZ, or any kind of snapshot RAID. I also want the array to be expandable and the only possible way with HW raid is the OLCE feature, as far as I know. The NTFS has the array limit of 16TB, is there any way around it? Is it possible to avoid those nasty passive errors that come with storing a lot of data for longer periods of time? Is it possible to get a raid card with let's say 4 ports and then just buy expansions cards to increase the SATA port count? Does a raid card I'm looking for exist in the under 150$ range, which one? Cheers
  2. I registered on this forum just to say this: I can't thank you enough qasdfdsaq, thanks to you, I'm finally able to use my RAID5 array properly! Really THX. And since I'm already here, let me ask you if I'll still be able to recover from a drive failure using your settings. (I don't see a reason why, just wondering)