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  1. i am going to upgrade both my motherboard and SSD....I think I am going with the 120gig OCZ Vertex 3 Now for the motherboard I am totally unsure of what to get...can anyone make any recommendations ?? I am kinda looking at (2) Asus boards the P8P67 DELUXE and the P8P67 PRO...the main differences being the Deluxe board has a Marvell® PCIe 9128 SATA 6Gb/s controller with HyperDuo and dual gigabit nics (which i could care less about) and the Pro board has a Marvell® 9120 controller does the matter as far as the SSD goes or will I be using the Intel SATA 3 r the Marvell for the best performance ?? basically what is the best on-board controller for SSD performance ?? Thanks in advance...shkj
  2. shirschb2

    SSD upgrade help needed

    Hey Denmbe, Thanks for the help !! Like I said earlier this is a 3yr old Quad core 3GHZ machine I need to hold on to for about 2 more years while it is not an I5 or an I7 it does do every thing I need but I want some more "'s kinda laggy even with the Samsung SSD it good but not mind blowing...wtith that being said what is the best SSD for this machine that is significantly better than what I have ??? also what is the best way to get to the 6GBG/s without spending and arm and a leg or a new motherboard ?? how much of a difference is there between 3gb/s & 6 ??? thanks in advance...shkj
  3. shirschb2

    SSD upgrade help needed

    Hi Brian If I go with either the C300 128 gig or the 120 gig intel am i going to see a significant performance from my current SSD drive ??? Also i was thinking about the C300 128 gig what is this "stuttering" issue about ??? As far as the SATA 6Gb/s effort what do you recommend without spend alot on a controller card ??...(they are soooo expensive !!!!) Can I run either one of these drives directly off my motherboard in SATA 3Gb/s ?? thanks...shkj
  4. shirschb2

    SSD upgrade help needed

    Hi Brian, Here is my thoughts I want to replace my current Samsung drive with something that is going to give me a noticable speed increase...I want to replace it with a 128 meg drive (as everything I need is installed and I have approx 70 gig left) I really don't want to repace the machine as of yet it is only 3 yrs and is a 3 gig quad core machine I WANT TO SPEND ABOUT $200-$300 ON THE DRIVE AS FOR THE CONTROLLER CARD FOR 6GB SATAIII...that is going to have to wait for now As for the drive I will still buy a SATA III drive and let it run at SATA II
  5. shirschb2

    SSD upgrade help needed

    Hi Brian, This is going in to a Dell Precision Workstation which uses a proprietary motherboard and i really do want the faster speeds do you think a new controller card and a new drive are the way to go ?? can you recommend a card and drive ??? What about using my ghosted image ?? thanks in advance.....shkj would it be ok to sent you a private message ???
  6. I was wondering if anyone you can help me ??? Here is my situation....recently I was given a 128 GIG 1.8 solid state Samsung hard came from a brand new Lenovo T 510 laptop that was purchased by a friend of mine, he got a great deal on the laptop but needed a much larger drive the drive the drive is a MMCRE28G8MXP-OVB...WITH FIRMWARE VBM1EL1Q (this drive does not support trim) is in a micro sata converter to sata and I have it installed in my Windows 7 machine which is a Dell Precision T-3400 workstation (3GHZ Core2Duo with 8 GIGS of ram) This drive replaces a 300gig WD Velociraptor the SSD has been in my machine for about 2 months now and is better than the Raptor but not mind blowing...I did create a ghosted image of the in case of failure and the image is updated weekly My question you think if I buy a "better-newer faster" drive from say Crucial or OZ I would see a performance gain ???.....also I would be getting TRIM support Should I be concerned about the whole SATA II vs SATA III thing because that means a new motherboard or can recommend a good SATA III controller card that actually works ?? Also if I decide to go with a different drive can I use my ghosted image to restore it so I don't have to re-install everything again....because I gotta tell you this machine is set-up EXACTLY the way I want is dam near perfect ??? Thanks in advance for your hel....Stu