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    Rounded IDE cables

    One nice thing about flat cables is that you can see when the wires are kinked.
  2. wrong

    Should I go IDE or ATA?

    I don't like rounded IDE cables, as they don't meet the ATA-66+ spec. I'd go for SATA if you have an Intel ICH5 southbridge SATA controller, as I believe that doesn't require a driver disk to install Windows XP. Otherwise, it depends which bugs you more - IDE cabling, or using a driver disk (or slipstreaming the drivers into a custom WinXP install disk.) I have a VIA-based Athlon 64 board - I picked SATA and it's working well for me. But your mileage may vary.
  3. wrong

    Hd Questions?

    Buy a single drive and get more RAM.
  4. wrong

    First Build

    Actually, the most important thing to remember is this - never hurry your build. Allow plenty of time. Peace of mind is your most valuable tool.
  5. wrong

    First Build

    No, US power points do not have their own switches, unlike e.g. Australian power points. Not all PSUs have power switches, either. I would not recommend this. It's surprisingly easy to discover that the board you've been working on has been live - and it's terribly embarrassing. The frequent touching is an excellent idea. But there needs to be a better way to do grounding. Suggestions?
  6. A friend of mine mounted an acrylic shield to his LCD. He likes to smoke at his computer.
  7. wrong

    Btx Cases

    Intel can get people to accept BTX if they have the will to push. Until Tejas et al were cancelled, Intel had to push BTX to ensure that they could be cooled. Now that the next P4 will be a Pentium-M derivative, I have to wonder if Intel cares nearly as much. I would have thought that a lot of the rest of the industry (but not all) would welcome the opportunity to make people buy more stuff to upgrade to BTX. I could be wrong.
  8. wrong

    Long Term Reliable Ide Disk

    I would suggest checking with your database vendor for disk configuration suggestions. It is sometimes better to have two independantly accessible RAID 1 mirror pairs than to have one RAID 0+1 striped mirror, especially with databases.