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  1. Based primarily on your review, I purchased this OCZ Vertex 3 SSD drive from Amazon last week. So far, I have had no performance issues with the drive and it is definitely very fast. Unfortunately, I have been extremely unhappy with OCZ's poor technical support and their terrible firmware update tool. Currently, OCZ does not support firmware updates to primary, bootable SSD drives. Essentially, a user needs to reinstall or reimage their OS onto another hard drive and set up their SSD drive as a secondary drive before performing a firmware update. In addition, they do not support firmware updates using external USB to SATA adapters. Needless to say, this is an extremely cumbersome and time-consuming process. For ALL Windows notebook and OS X users, they will need to have a secondary Windows desktop PC just to perform a simple SSD firmware update. Given the high importance of being able to perform firmware updates during the lifetime of the product (in order to ensure maximum performance, compatibility, and reliability), I would strongly urge Storage Review (as well as other storage review sites) to focus on this important feature. Potential buyers need to be aware of the relative level of ease or difficulty in updating their SSD products. Had I known about this severe OCZ SSD deficiency, I would have definitely opted for a different SSD product. Therefore, I must tell you that I feel your SSD review was incomplete and missed an important technical capability that all SSD users should be concerned about. Speed is always important in storage devices, but so is the ability to maintain the device to ensure maximum reliability and performance over the product life cycle.
  2. Hi! I am a new member to the Storage Review Forum. I wanted to solicit advice on the best performing 3 Tb internal SATA hard drive for under $300. After quickly looking through some previous reviews, it appears that the Hitachi Deskstar 7K3000 may be my best option. I will be using it with an Intel 2600K and Asus P8P67 Deluxe motherboard. It will be used to store iTunes mp3 and AAC files. I have had performance issues in the past with using iTunes to manage large music collections, so performance is the most important factor in choosing a good internal hard drive. Thanks in advance for your advice!
  3. Thanks for your advice Brian. Here is the Newegg web link for the Hitachi 3Tb internal hard drives: As you can see, the Hitachi Deskstar 3Tb is only $179.99, which is $50 less than the Barracuda XT 3Tb. You may have been looking at the Hitachi Ultrastar drive, which is $349.99 and includes a 5-year warrantee. It looks like the specs for the Deskstar and Ultrastar are identical. Therefore, since the Deskstar is cheaper and faster than the Barracuda XT, it looks like the Deskstar is the hands-down winner (unless you need and are willing to pay for a 5-year warrantee).
  4. I am planning to purchase the OCZ Vertex 3 120 Gb SSD drive sometime during the next week and was wondering which of these two Vertex 3 models I should purchase. I want to maximize performance and the Max IOPS model is currently about the same price as the standard version on Amazon. So is there any reason not to go with the Max IOPS drive? Stated in other words, is there anything that the Max IOPS model does worse than the standard Vertex 3 SSD model? Thanks in advance for your advice!