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    Hello! I'm trying to set up a RAID5 on an Asus P5QD Turbo with ICH10R. While I can - after successfully patching the firmware on my HD204UIs - set ERC to 70 while not in a RAID, it seems that the parameter does not survive the building of a RAID5-volume. After initializing (correct: WHILE initializing, added all 5 hds, this takes hours to initialize...) I tried to check: smartctl -l scterc /dev/csmi0,0 gives: SCT Error Recovery Control: Read: 57345 (5734.5 seconds) Write: 57345 (5734.5 seconds) While you CAN actually set the value to 70 - no error when giving "smartctl -l scterc,70,70 /dev/csmi0,0", the check afterwards again shows 57345. After cancelling initialization and deleting the volume, the disks show again there previously set 70 (7 seconds). What to do? Ignore the 57345? Is it actually set to 70? But this would be of no use, because the parameter is lost after next shutdown - and I can't take the device out the RAID volume just to set ERC again to 70. Is there another way to set ERC while in RAID? Thanks, fab