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  1. please if anyone can chime in, I just need to know what the safest and best route is.. I don't want any 10k rpm drives or ssd's just normal 7200 rpm drives. should I go for a couple smaller drives or a big TB drive? What are the Plus's and Cons to each? Thanks
  2. Ok so on my current PC I have a 150gb raptor and just a 250gb drive for storage for games etc, "I run out of space all of the time" This new pc is going to be my beast and I need to knwo what I should do, I'm not going with SSD as I cannot afford it but would a couple 500gb WD caviar blacks be good or can I grab just a single 2TB drive or something? I've heard its bad to have a huge drive like that for everything but I don't know why? Could someone please let me know. Do I go with a couple smaller drives or a big huge drive? Thanks