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  1. Appreciate it Kevin! I also appreciate the info on the lack of a RAID controller in non-factory-RAID-equipped W520 laptops. My W520 doesn't have the ability to enable it just like the other poster. My system will probably be approved for return to Lenovo to get this and one other option issue sorted out. If so, then I'll open up my W520 to take a picture of the writing on the chipset prior to boxing it up. That should remove any/all doubts.
  2. That's what I actually ended up doing but I can confirm my W520 also lacks the RAID option in the BIOS. Due to another mix-up with my machine, it'll be going back and I'll have to reorder. I guess I'll have to get the factory RAID setup which is a complete waste of money for me since the HDDs wouldn't be used.
  3. It looks like Lenovo may have shipped the faulty Sandy Bridge chipsets in their W520 laptops (more here). This will be a problem is a mSATA device is installed. I just received my W520 yesterday and I am quite concerned because I planned to put in an Intel 310 mSATA device. Can SR investigate this issue and update their reviews so people don't get stuck with unusable laptop configurations?