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  1. Hi Kevin: Some more digging confirms: (1) The W520 Hardware Maintenance Manual lists system board FRU's; this list includes several system boards with no RAID controllers (2) Intel Rapid Storage Technology system report gives my controller: Intel AHCI controller: Intel® Mobile Express Chipset SATA AHCI Controller. Which I could have just gotten from the Device Manager if I wasn't so intent on prolonging my denial. SO: (1) Back it goes (2) Please warn folks that if they buy a system without RAID configured, Lenovo sends you a system with no RAID controller on the board. Thanks again for your help! Someday I'll be drooling over my dream system, but not today.. Regards, Eric
  2. Two RAM slots, and 2 under the keyboard. Upgraded to 16gb now, plus I put in the mSATA 80Gb from Intel... Cheers, Eric
  3. Sorry: I meant, same as grantallenbrown's - from that same thread. Maybe he has my problem with lack of RAID controller on the system board? Why would they ship a non-RAID system? Do you think I can trust that indeed I need to return my machine? Thanks again, and regards, Eric
  4. Hi Kevin - I spent 2 hrs on the phone (that's just today) with Lenovo tech support. They insist that my board doesn't have a RAID controller on it. But they barely know what they're talking about, they really haven't been trained on it yet. UEFI BIOS Version 8BET30WW (1.06) UEFI BIOS Date: 2011-03-02 Embedded Controller Version 8AHT24WW (1.06) Machine Type Model: 4270CTO Same as NeOnLaZer's. If I go to the BIOS, my SATA controller options are just AHCI and Compatibility And for the record, no where at Lenovo is there anyone (of the say, 6 people I've spoken to) who says: Sorry, sir, for giving you that bad information and selling you the wrong computer, and wasting 8 hours of your time: We'll make this right. Instead its, I have to return the machine, and get back in the queue for a new one with everybody else. They're lucky they make really really good computers because their service is inexcusably bad. Sorry for the rant, and thanks for your help. -Eric
  5. Need help activating RAID Hey Kevin - I'm hoping you can help me with this. I bought a W520 to use with RAID, but when I tried to purchase a system with the RAID configuration, the Lenovo site wouldn't accept it. So, I went to a sales rep, and he tried to configure the machine, and it still wouldn't process the order. So, I said, hey, just send me a machine with an optical drive, I'll swap in a drive caddy, and then I can activate the RAID in the bios, right? The sales rep thought, sure, that oughta work. So, I bought my machine. Turns out: The RAID option doesn't come up in the BIOS. After several hours with Lenovo tech support, they came back with 'You can't activate the RAID, it needs to be done at the factory'. I was hoping you guys might know better, otherwise I'll have to return this machine and wait 3 weeks for them to even ship my new one. It's not clear to me that even the guys at Lenovo are sure about this. Thanks for your help. Eric