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    OCZ Vertex 2 25nm Review

    Actually 1.27 is an "ambiguous" firmware version. Also see my comment on how there are 3 generations of this thing.
  2. rogerdpack

    OCZ Vertex 2 25nm Review

    Unfortunately I also recently ordered from amazon, go a drive with the same firmware version, and after some research now I have come to think that there are actually *3* generations of this same drive. The first was 32nm and "fast" the second was 25nm and "like half the speed, and also missing some IDEMA capacity" (55 instead of 60GB) and the third is 25nm "slower than the 32nm original, but shows all the IDEMA capacity" (basically the third generation uses as many chips as the first [the second didn't], but the chips are also slower]. So chances are that you actually got a third generation drive, which has benchmarks that aren't up to specs. Maybe storagereview should update their post to reflect this news? The good news is the performance isn't terrible. The bad news is that ocz seems to have done a bait and switch with their specs. The deal with the RMA ones was that you would send in your 2nd gen (lacking capacity) drive and they would send you a 3rd gen., too. Cheers! -roger