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    EMC VNXe3200 Review Discussion

    He is just showing the differences between the connectivity. Notice that's the only difference between the tests?
  2. amdoverclocker

    Total overhaul of my data center.

    I was in your position about 4 years ago. We jumped on the HP (server, DL380P), EMC (storage, VNX), Cisco (networking, Nexus-FCoE), and VMware (ESX and View/Horizon) bandwagon and haven't looked back. I'd highly recommend talking to local reps and getting a design documents ready. We have great EMC local reps which have made the decision all that much easier. We have a EMC VNX 5400 with about 40TB of usable space with half being SSD and the other half being 10K drives. I absolutely love it! Normal maintenance is online with 0 distribution to production. We use the EMC RecoverPoint appliances to do live replication to our DR site 5 miles away (in a cave...literally) over a 1Gb P-to-P connection. I would absolutely recommend the VNX line from EMC and Nexus switches from Cisco.. assuming you can get the $$$ for them.
  3. Our EMC rep has quickly backed up and now says the DD2500 will do 1TB/hr with our specs... sounds fishy to me now.
  4. EMC claims the 2200 can send a receive just under 1GB/sec. I'd really like to see that put to the test. Our sales guy can't produce a white paper with a config to reach those number though.
  5. Any enterprise storage system will not require any linux experience. We are an EMC shop and 98% of everything I do is all GUI. You can do it all cmd line but who has the time for that. BTW, the VNXe services of controllers use Windows for the core. If they use a linux product like Nexenta then that's a completely different situation. If I may.. it sounds like you are trying to work on your skills that you are finding in job postings. Correct?
  6. What about cpu utilization on SQL box when doing a native backup vs DD Boost backup?
  7. amdoverclocker

    Storage for Splunk

    Yeah I didn't think I'd get much of a response but though I'd try. It sucks that it's nothing like the good ole days (early 2000s). My orignal account is, amdoverclocker2.
  8. amdoverclocker

    Storage for Splunk

    Anyone care to go into detail on their Splunk storage/server setup? We are looking into the EMC solution, Isilon. Not sure I am sold that its the right solution for me but I'd like to hear from others on how they handle Splunk data. We are looking at 25-35GB/day or so with a retention period of 18 to 24 months. Thanks!
  9. amdoverclocker

    EMC Data Domain

    Did you test on 1 or 10Gb network?
  10. amdoverclocker

    EMC Data Domain

    Oh great! With DD Boost I am really interested in CPU utilization when you have DD Boost on the SQL server. I just need to make sure that the CPU utilization is equal to or less than a std SQL full backup.
  11. amdoverclocker

    EMC Data Domain

    We are looking at a pair of Data Domain 2500s with 24 x 3TB drives in each. One for our primary location and one for our DR site (1Gb point-to-point connection for replication). Anyone currently use DD that can give advice, good or bad? We are trying to decide if its worth going with a hardware solution, DD or rather go with big dumb storage, like a HP MSA 2040 and use Windows 2012 dedup. Any feedback or advice is appreciated. Thanks! PS - We use Veeam for our backup software. That won't be changing.
  12. Wait, what? My head hurts just thinking of that. If you don't even have a domain, I would highly recommend an appliance rather then a server. I assume your budget is the limiting factor in this project. Something like this: They are easy to setup, redundant and reliable. They are far from a professional setup but its a step in the right direction. It won't help with your security concerns very much though. If you want to prevent viruses you need to get a good AV software in place and a firewall with web proxy (Watchguard, Sonicwall, Fortinet, etc). NAS - Network Attached Storage - This can be anything, usually a dedicated appliance or server, that shares files over a network, usually plain old ethernet(cat5e, cat6, etc). SAN - Storage Area Network - SANs are more complicated. This is a good read if you really want to do some research:
  13. amdoverclocker

    48 Drives iSCSI SAN ...

    I was in a similar spot to where you are now. After doing tons of research and configs, I gave up on the home-built model. I was not confident in the uptime aspect of the home-built product. Instead I went with HP P2000s (DAS, SAS) and Seagate drives (10K.5 and 15K.3s, all 2.5", whatever you do, don't buy HP drives... crazy expensive). Out of the box, they only support 4 HA servers but that can be fixed by adding HA LSI SAS switches (~$2,200 each|LSI%2520SAS6160%2520Switch|All%20Product%20Catalog). You havn't touched on what these 300 VMs will be doing. You said performance is very important but what kind of performance are you looking for? Sequential, random, etc? I have found that smaller R5 sets work best, 8 drives. While R10/100 would be good, you are going to loose 1/2 of the space right off the bat. Plus, I think you are setting yourself up for failure. If you want to have one big array, when you have 300 VMs all trying to it hit it at once, you are going to have a que longer then the Mississippi river. Again, this is just my opinion, take it or leave it, just don't bitch at it please. I would suggest creating 6 or 9 sets of 8 drives in R5 and then spreading the VMs between them. Also, I would suggest using SAS drives instead of SATA so you can take advantage of dual ports in case of one of many things dies, controller, cable, connector, backplane, etc. With that being said, HA controllers, I assume, would be very important to you. If not, disregard. I was unable to find a good, dual controller home-built setup. Lastly, I would HIGHLY recommend 10Gb ethernet. The Dell 10Gb ethernet solutions are rather good for the price ( I know some of the stuff I recommended may be a little pricey but if you want to run 300 VMs, you need a quality setup or else reliability will suffer. Also, keep in mind that all of this stuff can be had for much cheaper then advertised price. I have an awesome rep at CDW that has been a tremendous help with my projects. Let me know if you would like his info. He is a no-BS sales guy. I hope this was helpful. If not, pose some more questions and we'll see what we can do to help.
  14. amdoverclocker

    Seagate Pulsar XT.2 SSD Shipping Discussion

    That's list price. My account price is $2,950 but they can be had for less. Not worth the $$$ to me just yet. I'm going to have to stick with the 15K.3s for a while longer I guess.