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  1. I am on Lvl 13 already. (Infiltrator) What's your Origin addy?
  2. I really liked the single player portion (as a demo). PC Multiplayer starts today for non-BF3 owners right?
  3. Heh, yeah I have a 1TB NAS connected too. So it's not too bad.
  4. I for one went with an SSD for my desktop build. Then again, I needed performance over capacity. In fact, I have no 3.5" drives in my desktop at all, using a SSD + 2.5" (spare notebook drive) combo.
  5. Lego

    Use for an old D-Link router

    I have a D-link 524 rotting in a box somewhere. Shame I can't even put DD-WRT on it.
  6. It's not bad at all! (DesireHD/Inspire 4G here), free apps everyday never hurts. Although it does have its qirks, like when you click on the free app of the day it immediately goes through the purchase and download process. As for trying out apps, android market have a 15 minutes return period for app purchase as far as I know. It's not too hard to get around if you want to check out the app store and grab some free apps. They have some straight froward guides over at XDA and Modaco.