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  1. Quantity Pricing
  2. Good News! I now have more of these brackets available.
  3. BigXor

    LSI 9260-8i vs 9270-8i

    I concur. The LSI 9211-8i (cacheless RAID 0, 1, 10) will work great and be a whole lot cheaper. Even using spinners and SSD's on the same card.
  4. BigXor

    LIS 8888ELP support 4tb Hgst drives?

    The LSI 1078 controller chip on that card will not support capacities greater than 2.2TB. There is no firmware fix. I tried using that card with 3TB drives.
  5. BigXor

    (8) Vertex 4 + 6805E

    SSD's don't need cache, it just slows them down. My experience has shown that the IBM MegaRaid M1015 (same as LSI 9211-8i) will provide the fastest RAID 0 results for SSD's.
  6. BigXor

    What HW Raid controller to buy.

    I agree about keeping SSD's on motherboard controller. If your looking for budget 6Gb/s RAID 5 controller go with IBM M5014 (256MB cache) or M5015 (512MB cache). The M5014's are pretty cheap on ebay at $138.00 or for around $130.00. The IBM cards are made by LSI and are identical to the LSI MegaRaid 9260-8i except you don't get RAID 6. You can even flash the cards with LSI firmware and use the LSI Megaraid Storage Manager (MSM) software. If you want RAID 6 (double redundancy) I'd recommend a LSI 9260-8i or Adaptec 5805.
  7. Standard Full Height Mounting Bracket IBM BR10i M1015 LSI 9240 9260 and etc. Brand new. International Shipping. Hole spacing between tabs is 54mm or 2-1/8" Screws Included Fits the following: IBM ServeRAID BR10i, M1015, M5014, M5015 LSI Megaraid 8704EM2, 8308ELP, 8708ELP, 8708EM2, 9240-4i/8i, 9260-4i/8i, 9261-8i, 9750-4i/8i, 9207-8i LSI SAS3082E-R, SAS3041X, SAS 3080X-R, SAS3081E-R, SAS 9211-4i, SAS 9211-4i/8i, 9550SXU-4LP/8LP HP Smart Array P410 Intel RAID Controller SASUC8I, RS2WC080 Dell PERC H200, H310 ATTO H308, H30F, H60F, H608, R30F, R608m Fujitsu D2607 Supermicro SAT2-MV8, AOC-SASLP-MV8, AOC-SAS2LP-MV8, AOC-SAS2LP-H8IR Possibly Others (If you find that these fit cards not listed please reply so others will know.)
  8. BigXor

    SAS Expander or Not?

    I need to make a choice between using an Adaptec 51645 20 Port raid card or an Adaptec 5405 card with a Chenbro 28 port Expander. Are there any performance hits using an expander ?? Whats your opinion based on experience.