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  1. datestardi

    Hitachi DS7K3000 Release Date

    Be careful about badmouthing companies (now BBB, jpiszcz??? then why on earth did you quote them??? honestly, if you're willing to always be shotgunning a new "target" to appear "right" regardless of reality, it doesn't reflect well) to get yourself out of a hole. It's best just to stop digging. Seriously.
  2. datestardi

    Hitachi DS7K3000 Release Date

    No, I've never ordered from them, and never would have until I saw that incredible BBB review you posted giving a company an A+ rating with a grand total of two (count them, yes, 2!) BBB reported delivery issues worldwide over the last 36 months. (Actually, I'll stick with Tiger Direct. The few problems I've had have with them always been resolved 100% to my satisfaction.) But anyways, "not let the order be canceled" you say? Was the order paid for in cash? You always have the right to refuse payment on a credit card order for non-delivery or breach of contract terms, and your payment isn't due for at least 20 days from purchase (so you can always determine if it hasn't come on time before you pay). I'm not trying to give you a hard time, jpiszcz. There's even a possibility you're right about this (I think it's a very small possibility). But maybe it's better for you not cite an A+ BBB rating to try to advance your case against the company's business practices... or if you do, heck at least don't give the link!
  3. datestardi

    Hitachi DS7K3000 Release Date

    If you read the BBB Review, they have a BBB rating of A+!!! You can't get any better than that!!! [For comparison, my usual online supplier is Tiger Direct. They have 700 complaints with 479 resolved and 221 closed and an "A " rating.]
  4. datestardi

    Samsung F2 reliability :(

    Here's an interesting (recent from Russia) study of HDD reliability: Storelab HDD reliability Study
  5. The autorun.inf folder is a good trick and provides protection, but not against sophisticated malware that would try to delete the folder prior to executing (e.g. by resetting attributes). One way to make the folder a little harder to delete is to place an "undeletable" file in the folder. (Most OS's have a way to do this; and most OS's will not delete a folder that cannot be emptied first.) Of course, even undeletable files can be deleted by a sophisticated hacker, so this would just keep you one step further ahead of the pack. For example, to make an undeletable folder in Windows XP: 1. Change to the "autorun.inf" folder. 2. Type at the command prompt: md .\con\ 3. You're done. P.S. If you create the file and want to delete it afterwards, you're on your own. :-)
  6. datestardi

    Hitachi DS7K3000 Release Date

    I believe the 7K3000s (3TB) are out now (if you search for them on Google Shopping, says in stock). People in Asia are benchmarking them: (I believe the 5K3000 will be available sometime in the first half of 2011.)
  7. datestardi

    Just got the Hitachi SimpleDrive 2.0TB in for Review

    Nice to i-meet you, Charles. Welcome.
  8. datestardi

    Laptops with 4:3 screen

    HMTK, I think you stumbled on the answer yourself: 4:3 is a work resolution. (I found a 1600x1200 IBM monitor at a few months back for dirt cheap.) In case you haven't noticed, almost no one works on their laptops anymore, at least that's the way things are stateside. They watch movies and surf the web, they chat, they do video messaging and editing. Oh yeah, they do e-mail. (We wouldn't wonder why we are in Depression 2.0 if we took an honest look at most peoples' computer-time productivity.) And when they buy a new laptop, they're thinking, "The new wide screen flick will look so good on this!" Sigh.
  9. datestardi

    Seagate Momentus Sata Password

    My laptop was stolen. It had a BIOS password and disk encryption. Perhaps the pawn shop wouldn't deal with it, and later that evening I got a phone call telling me someone had found my laptop... the police recovered it the next day, and more.... Yeah, HDD password protection is very good, for this reason. And, in the U.S., possession of stolen property can be dangerous. I'd chuck it too, and not deal with password protected HDDs from pawn shops... some just might "phone home."
  10. datestardi

    possible causes for HD failure

    To check for faulty IDE cables, run a SMART diagnostic program (such as Speedfan) and check the drive's UltraATA CRC Read Error Rate. The raw value will be high if the cables are faulty. (But it's easier just to change the cable, if you can find another one.)
  11. Yep, I guess that and non-soldered electrical joints would be two likely (and repairable) possibilities. (And I think bulging capacitors produced image noise/ghosting in TVs/CRTs, so you might be right.) Thank you.
  12. [ ]
  13. Hi all, I have a 6 year old dual-input IBM T86A monitor that has started "ghosting" for lack of a better word, but it's not really ghosting images. When there is a dark area (image or character) on my screen, the area immediately to the right of it will have a lighter streak or tail (going to the right, which fades back to normal about two inches from the dark area). Similarly, when there is a light area on my screen, the area immediately to the right of it will have a darker streak or tail. The streak does not have any of the characteristic shape of the dark or light area (images or characters).... I've tried changing monitor cables and the video card, even changed from analog to DVI-I card/cable connection and still (surprisingly) get the streaks. The streaking currently happens on both inputs from 2 different computers. Any thoughts on what it could be? Thank you.
  14. datestardi

    The Fall of StorageReview

    Drives are only entered into the database when reviewed. I assume the 640 GB drives (7K1000B?) haven't been reviewed. Yup, me too. I see him lurking every now and then. Best wishes, Eugene. And thank you.
  15. datestardi

    Is this drive dying?

    It doesn't look completely fine to me either, with the offline uncorrectables (187) and the offline read failures... Normally, I would say you need to be testing with the manufacturer's utility (ES-Tool or HUtil), but I'm not sure that either (any?) Samsung utility supports the F2. Plus, we have had at least one post of how running the Samsung Es-Tool diagnostic seemed to damage the drive: