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    Intel 510 250 over modern drives?

    Well I'm more of an anything but sandforce type of guy at the moment. Seems that leaves me with 830 or Plextors (although pro plextor doesn't seem to be available atm in UK).
  2. InveSSDator

    Intel 510 250 over modern drives?

    It seems to get even more confusing as people as saying the Plextor M3P is one of the fastest as well and has 5 year warranty of course. so now there are 3-4 to pick from at the top tier?
  3. InveSSDator

    Intel 510 250 over modern drives?

    The 510 in question is slightly cheaper than M3P/S by about £10. Almost wondering if better choice might be betweern 256GB 830 or the 240GB 520 now though EDIT: Well I ended up not bidding on 510 which went for £250, same price as a current gen 256/240. I have recently started pc gaming again after many years away and 120GB is eaten away fast. It is so hard getting an ssd! one performs better here, another there one has a better controller, one better warranty ad infinitum .
  4. InveSSDator

    Intel 510 250 over modern drives?

    Might use drive over 5 years, also it is a marvell vs nearly all sandforce which after having loads of issues promised myself not to buy again (for a while anyway). This is a hard to follow thread: Xtreme drive endurance test but some of the testers do find that 34nm does indeed last longer. Just seems sensible to get the better nand *if* at the same price as real world performance is very similar (been on 3-4 geeneration ssds now and not noticed huge difference).
  5. Might be able to get a 510 250 for the same price as a more modern drive say the 830 or 520. Already have the 510 120 btw but need more space. Although slower, the 510 does have that 34nm nand which does seem to last longer and of course has more p/e cycles naturally. The 510 will be a bit slower but surely worth it for better nand?
  6. InveSSDator

    Free SSD To Good Home

    There once was a lad from Moorgate That dabbled in digital alchemy However to his dismay, he was sorely lacking A file server with solid state So he sent a missive Pleading for backing To alleviate this technophile tragedy