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    most reliable hard drive?

    I'm a computer reseller. From year 2007-2009, I stock in 60 unit of WD HDD (160GB - 250GB). Most of them are Caviar Blue Model.About 25-30 units of this HDD send to RMA due to Error 0007 (Read/Write element failure) & Bad sector within 3 yrs. All is from different customer. Very suprising that some HDD send back to RMA over 4 times but still after use for few days to few weeks, I need to RMA again. I stop all the product from WD, and change to Samsung & Hitachi. Even Samsung & Hitach still got RMA, but it's still acceptable. RMA about 5% only compare with WD about 50%. That is nightmare for me. Even 2 unit of my shop PC is running WD HDD, and both failed within 3 years. I'm doing the PC repairing also. Whenever a PC with WD HDD come in, i can say about 50%-70% of them have HDD failure. A lot of computer technician out there just format the drive and use it back (why? They dunno how to test? They know but just want to earn the service charge?) I can sure the drive will failed again just matter of time. Some in few weeks, some in few months. In years 2005-2006, I always believe that WD HDD is the best. Now, WD HDD is nightmare for me. Maybe other model have low RMA rate, but i nv dare to try again. Sorry for my bad english.