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    OWC 240GB SSD For Sale

    Edit: Dropping my price down to $430 shipped.
  2. ukarmy04

    OWC 240GB SSD For Sale

    Right, OWC does offer the 30 day return policy, but they charge you a restocking fee and return shipping. I thought I might as well just pass it on to another user for a discounted price. The price isn't firm at $485, I am willing to go down to $460. And also, I'm offering free shipping to the continental U.S. I forgot to mention that in my first post.
  3. This is an OWC 240GB Solid State Drive. The drive was purchased in Februrary (less than a month ago) and it still has it's 3 year OWC warranty. The reason I am selling this drive is because I upgraded to the new Macbook Pros(2011), which have a SATA III connector and and this drive uses a SATA II connector. This drive is crazy fast, I know people say that a lot about SSD's, but if you are upgrading from a regular hard disk drive then this is going to be an unbelievable performance upgrade. Everything loads quicker, the machine boots faster, everything is just more snappy and as a result makes you more efficient at doing your work. There is no place else to purchase this drive from besides OWC so the only way to get a discount is buying it used. OWC charges $500 for this drive plus tax which totals at $520. Thats what I payed for this drive. I am selling it to you for $485 and it has only been used for 2 weeks. Please don't hesitate to contact me for further details/pictures.