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  1. I am trying to make a decision for a micro business venture that I have. Basically, I am trying to decide whether or not I should host my storage on a home server (FreeNas) or just pay to host my files in the cloud. I have a small business where we travel locally and frequently find ourselves needing to access files that are stored on the "home office" server. The server has 2TB of "consumer" grade storage and hosts files for four users (mac, pc, and linux laptops). The files are of various types (media files, graphic files, web site templates, demos, presentations, etc). Two questions: 1. What is the most reliable way to connect BACK to the home server over the internet? The home internet connection is 35/35 FIOS so performance is not an issue but up-time could be as I can not control who might walk by and kick out a plug or if the power goes out during a storm, etc. - need 24x7 access (how reliable would the home solution be?) - files need to be backed up and secure 2. Should I consider moving ALL of the files to an online storage solution such as Amazon S3 or Any thoughts would be helpful and appreciated. Thanks, Hutch
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    Build it or go to the cloud?

    Thanks for the replies. Good question around the uptime (accessibility) being worth $200 or not. Today it probably is not, therefore, I will go down the path of remote access to the home NAS machine. Hutch