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  1. Didn't quite see this coming! Looks like they are trying to get into the macbook air realm..and is this a first? Something not user-replaceable!!!!(to the normal user ..i guess many things aren't user replaceable..altho the battery was def never one of them ) Engadget I think it more belongs to the ideapad or some other non-thinkpad series..but thats just me.
  2. NeOnLaZeR

    Lenovo W520 and Intel 510 SSD Warm Reboot Issue

    PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_1C03&SUBSYS_21CF17AA&REV_04\3&21436425&0&FA Looks like we all got B2...yay..
  3. Well, funny me..i made recovery dvd's and happened to be one dvd just wouldn't kinda screwed the backup..but i wasn't planning on using it anyways as i like to start from scratch. So far this laptop is awesome..runs all the games i normally play great! So far my biggest gripe is I don't think Lenovo has the System Update working yet, at least as far my laptop sees driver installation is all manual. Have a few things missing but main problem is bluetooth. I installed the hotkey drivers but nothing is being shown on screen(such as volume or screen brightness) I do have access connections installed so it should be working for wireless/bluebooth switches. Any ideas? Other stuff in device manager that needs drivers is: Base System Device, PCI serial port, PCI Simple Communications Controller, Unknown device().
  4. NeOnLaZeR

    SATA 3 Cables

    "In the transition to SATA 6Gb/s, it will be important to use highquality cabling. Problems may be related to the use of cables made from marginal materials that perform at the edges of SATA 3Gb/s tolerances, which could become a failure point at the faster 6Gb/s signal rates." From what I am reading, the cables are the same, but one of my little rules..if you get a crappy might get crappy results
  5. Looks good! Should have mine on my doorstep at like 5-8 today!
  6. NeOnLaZeR

    New ThinkPad in the Test Lab

    For the few who can dish out the $1200 on the magical setup lol
  7. NeOnLaZeR

    Lenovo ThinkPad T520 Review Discussion

    Oh! Someone was quite excited to get his hands on it, lol. I originally planned to do a RAID config(and test it), but decided I had gone a bit overboard. Plan do some tests since I will have the 2720 and 1000m which are more in more people's price range.(like mine!) SSD is coming by this afternoon! Temptation much?
  8. NeOnLaZeR

    Lenovo ThinkPad T520 Review Discussion

    Getting the W520 wednesday!!! AHH I CANT WAIT! along with the intel 80gb msata ssd, of course...
  9. You are asking a bit much for a laptop...unless maybe a Sager of the most powerful that I have heard of.(it uses full desktop processors 0_o) I will say this though, I will NEVER manually overclock a laptop because they just aren't designed to do so. If you have 100 chrome tabs open..God help can you know what tab is what? Overclocking on my desktop..on the other hand...well..ya can't put a big radiator and water cooling in a laptop XD
  10. So apparently some of the new thinkpads are rumored to come out on the 21st...seems about right with all these sales on the T410/T510...only problem I am having is im almost tempted to go bigger with the T520...ER...decisions..i hate them.
  11. NeOnLaZeR

    Gas or Charcoal? Or Both?

    I'll leave the charcoal experts(my friends) do it home we use gas
  12. Currently running a Sapphire Vapor-X 5870 in my desktop because it was known to be the one of the fastest(before 6 least lol) but also coolest running cards(best heatsink design) since I did not want to fiddle with watercooling the GPU this time around.
  13. Looks pretty nice! 24hr battery life? IPS display. Full story On another note, I heard that the other thinkpads like the T420 will have usb 2.0 yet they mention it the X220 as having 3.0. Weird lol (put topic here since i wasnt sure if news section was open to anyone to post)
  14. I wouldn't have expected this is saying USB 3.0 3gb/s vs internal 6gb/s drives could be nearly identical? I don't see how its possible unless you don't have sata 6 support, even then I dont see how a direct sata connection would be the same as a usb connection..(not an expert in transfer speeds of cables)