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  1. That is, the idea of entering data into the website via smartctl output would be that the database could then create entries based on the make, model, and firmware number as self-reported by each drive. That might make it easier to find a particular drive and/or drive-family. (Or would this require a complete re-work of your database?).
  2. My pipe-dream is that end-users could just upload the output of smartctl to your reliablity database. There is already well-maintained FOS code for parsing the output in the gsmartcontrol gui-wrapper. You could attract uploads by making a website that accepts a smartctl.txt upload and rewards you with a gui-report, similar to what gsmartcontrol (and other websites) already do. Something like this was suggested in 2010: And Brian said (Posted 24 July 2010 - 08:48 AM): Not a bad idea...we can probably work that into the reliability database when we re-work it. If you are willing to host the backend database, I'm sure the open-source community could easily come up with the web-page front-end!
  3. vanilla2

    How to interpret SMART data

    gsmartcontrol is a free-open-source gui-wrapper for smartctl and will let you run tests, look at logs, and high-light in red any results you may need to worry about. If you hover the mouse over any red-hight-lighted item, a pop-up explanation will describe the cause for concern. Binary installer for windows, and already in most linux distros. Also lets you load smartctl.txt output from other drives and see if it flags in red any values.