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  1. Top speed on the 7200 rpm model is pretty sweet.
  2. Am I missing something or is that just terrible performance? You should be able to pass 250-300 MB/s over USB 3 without much of a problem (with an SSD).
  3. I have an old Parallel Iomega Zip 100 drive that takes about an hour to write 100MB of data. edit: This one: Wikipedia says it has a write speed of 50kb/s.
  4. Without pricing, it's really hard to decide if these drives are worth considering. Performance-wise we can expect them to be competitive, just waiting on pricing (and benchmarks).
  5. Nihility

    Patriot Torqx 2 Review Discussion

    I'm not sure I would buy this drive at half the current selling price. Do you think it suffers from the stuttering performance of the original jmicron drives?
  6. Any estimates on when we'll be seeing the new drives?
  7. Is a 3 year warranty considered standard for enterprise class storage?
  8. Great review. Only gripe I have is with the color choices on the graphs. Using similar shades of green for the Raid-0 numbers and the regular SSD numbers made it a bit hard to read the graphs. This is basically the same drive as the Intel one, so no huge surprises. Speeds on the SATA 6 drives are really exciting. It's a shame prices haven't dropped a bit more... I guess we're waiting on the 19-20 nm flash. Hopefully the prices will drop but reliability and performance won't.
  9. I guess they weren't expensive enough already?
  10. USB 2.0? Seriously? It would take over 48 hours to fill that drive at that speed.
  11. There were rumors that we'd see 4 TB drives this year, I hope they come true.
  12. Nihility

    Intel SSD 510 Review Discussion

    I was expecting the prices to drop by quite a bit after the transition to 25nm. So far it has been disappointing.