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    OCZ Vertex 2 25nm Review

    Hi all, I recently purchased a couple of 120gb vertex 2e models and have contributed to the thread on the OCZ forums on the issue. Just to clear one thing up: ocz aren't offering to "upgrade" customers to the old drives; they're offering to replace existing 25nm 64Gbit chip models, with 25nm 32Gbit chip models, thus increasing the number of chips. The only cast iron gaurantee from OCZ is that the space expected will be restored. Admins i've spoken to are expecting performance to go back up, but it's not clear whether 32/34nm levels will be reached. AS-SSD benchmarks are promised on the official forum as soon as they're in, for both the 60gb and 120gb models. The 120gb models don't suffer as badly as the 60s - i can get sequential writes of around 83 in CDM (still not the 140 ish i was expecting, but not as bad as 30). Good to see real-world performance is still strong; this has been my anecdotal experience. My issue is more in getting exactly what i paid to get, rather than being especially concerned from an end-user point-of-view about the lower sequential writes. And i don't mind paying the paltry 10 USD which is being quoted for the "upgrade", since in some cases it's apparently be waived anyway. What i really object to is the postage cost associated with sending something of such value overseas (if you're in the UK it's likely you'll have to send it to NL). However, if and when i decide to RMA (depending on the benches of the 32GBit drives) i'll take that up with support.