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  1. How's about the review Seriously, I've got a few m4's and I'm having some strange performance issues having performed random writes. What was the issues that kept you from publishing?
  2. I prefer having different SSDs for different tasks on my laptop, it's all VM's for me and so the boot drive is whatever I fancy. The Intel 310 Series drive would be a great boot drive and one could then use both 2.5" drives for even more capacity or redundancy. My adapter is an UltraBay III FRU P/N 43N3429 ASM P/N 43N3428
  3. The results looks OK The W510 only sports 3Gb/s ports and so one can't really compare the total score, it's the 4K result that makes the previous gen look bad and it looks like the results are up, not much though. Did you do any registry tweaks or is this a clean W7 setup? It's not that raid isn't interesting on laptops, it's more the flexibility of switching drives for different workloads/tasks. Capacity is really the issue with SSDs, the Intel 320 600GB is arriving tomorrow and that will sort out most of the capacity related issues. Thanks for the tests BTW, do you know if is there is a new UltraBay adapter/caddy for HDD/SSDs or if the old one works?
  4. Ok, np A Vertex 2 of almost any size would be almost as interesting, I've got the 60/100/120/240GB capacities.
  5. I won't be running raid on the laptop and so it's only the single drive that's really interesting. raid-0 won't change much for QD1-2 anyways, at QD3 and upwards it normally starts making a difference for random io. You should consider getting the HP EliteBook 8760W in for review. 3 internal drives supporting raid 0/1/5 I'll probably order the W520 anyways, the size/powerfactor is awesome, the one thing that looks disappointing is the powerbrick, it grows in size for each new gen. edit: If you've got the Vertex 3 240GB you can throw in an AS SSD test as well, haven't tried it yet on my W510, will do that as soon as I see your result.
  6. An AS SSD test is sufficient. I've used the C300 256GB as it's what I'm currently using in the UltraBay. (it is about 80% full) Powerplan is set to Maximum Performance w/o registry tweaks some registry tweaks applied For this test, the only interesting result is the 4K QD1 result.
  7. I'd like to see how it improves on small blocksizes/low QD vs the W510 I guess I'm sold on improved battery life alone but improved small block performance would definately do it.
  8. SSDaddict

    New ThinkPad in the Test Lab

    Looking forward to the W520 review. I've currently got the W510 which is OK storagewise, hoping that performance is back up with the new chipset.
  9. SSDaddict

    Intel SSD 320 Review Discussion

    Why shouldn't it become a huge hit? Stability, capacity and eventually prices will normalize. Perfect for all users with a 3Gb/s SATA MB.
  10. They still have the time to make firmware adjustments. (release is set to end of April according to Crucial forums) Looks like it's using a different rev of the controller, 88SS9174-BLD2.
  11. SSDaddict

    OCZ Vertex 3 Prices and Ship Date

    Amazon lists CC at ~$250 I don't know if you can enable/disable the software options, CC shouldn't be an issue but I can see that FP can be. (I'm used to hardware "keys" on the 9260)
  12. 8x C300 256GB is the only option I can think of that makes you able to push the limits of the 9265 -8x C300 256 x ~60Kiops 450-480K iops best case -8x X25M 160 x ~40Kiops 300-320K iops best case -SF-1XXX can't deliver on reads (~30K) but is huge on writes Anyways, 8 drives would have been a great show.
  13. Nice, although a bit disappointed in general of the 4KB results. (expectations were too high I guess) I'd appreciate if you could create a zip file of the csv files from your iometer testing.
  14. SSDaddict

    Plextor PX-M2 SSD Review Discussion

    What caught my eye was that the Intel 510 is a great real-life performer
  15. SSDaddict

    OCZ Vertex 3 Prices and Ship Date

    Great, pretty much the same as I'm currently using for my testing, except for the 1880ix and that I haven't received my 9265 yet. (ordered CC for the 9265)