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    Plextor PX-M3S SSD Review Discussion

    How would this drive compare to the Crucial M4? I have a legacy system (X58 mobo) but will likely be upgrading to Ivy Bridge next year. Crucial M4 seemed like a nice blend of reliability and decent performance at a competitive price. EDIT: Reason I'm asking is if I compare the benchmarks of the M3S to that of the M4 (Firmware 0009) review it looks like the Plextor is quite a bit better in a lot of ways. I'm not sure if the test bench PC isn't comparable or what. Given Newegg is selling the 256GB M3S for $325 vs. $370 for the 256GB M4 I'm definitely intrigued.
  2. theoryzero

    BSOD - Is it my SSD?

    Ah, nope I'm the other way in Cedar Rapids, IA. Not that I would of expected anyone to guess that! I just wanted to chime in about my RMA experience with OWC since I've seen complaints about OCZ taking a few weeks to process RMAs. At the time I bought the OWC drive I was uncertain of how their customer service was, but was wary based on the negative reviews I had read about Vertex 2's and OCZ handling the RMAs. While I'm bummed to have experienced a failure, I think the extra cash the OWC drive cost over a Vertex 2 was worth it for the snappy customer service. Ironically while I waited for a replacement I had reinstalled Windows on my WD Velociraptor. The day before the replacement SSD arrived I was getting a bunch of errors in the event log saying I should run chkdsk to repair issues on the windows volume. I'd do that, it'd say fine and then after I reboot even more errors would pop up. Wonder if my Velociraptor is dying too? I removed it from the system and put Windows back on the SSD. Nothing is hooked up to that SATA port now, it seems to be cursed!
  3. theoryzero

    BSOD - Is it my SSD?

    Big kudos to OWC for processing my RMA very quickly. Shipped the SSD on Monday, arrived at OWC on Tuesday, got a tracking number for the replacement, and it was in my hands on Wednesday. Just about 48 hours total, from the time I shipped it to the time had received the replacement. It helped that OWC is only about 250 miles away from my home, but I certainly didn't expect to have the replacement before the long holiday weekend. Great service!
  4. theoryzero

    BSOD - Is it my SSD?

    No dice. If I log into windows the machine locks up within 30 seconds. I tried an Ubuntu LiveCD in hopes of copying the partition using gparted but it reports IO errors coming from the SSD. I'm guessing it's dying quickly, will ship back to OWC on Monday.
  5. theoryzero

    BSOD - Is it my SSD?

    Hey Tom, Yes, I successfully updated to the latest firmware last night. What do you recommend for cloning? My nightly backups go to a box running Windows Home Server, but that doesn't make an image of the drive per my understanding.
  6. theoryzero

    BSOD - Is it my SSD?

    I bought a 120GB OWC Mercury Extreme Pro back in February of this year. About a week ago I started noticing my computer having a blue screen when I got up in the morning. My computer wakes up from sleep in the middle of the night to run a nightly backup to my home server. There are no dump files written by Windows, presumably it is because my SSD is not responsive. If I reset the PC it may not detect the SSD during POST, but a power cycle fixes the detection issue. OWC issued a firmware update back in March, I have updated with my drive with the latest firmware but the problem persists. I've experienced a few BSOD while actively using the computer. Usually the computer slows to a halt and is non-responsive for a couple minutes. The clock on the desktop keeps ticking, so the system isn't completely frozen, but the apps that are running don't respond to input. After a while, the BSOD appears. The error seems to be STOP: 0x000000F4. Anyhow, I think given the SSD is not detected after reset, the log files never get written to disk, and the system is unresponsive (and the SSD is my system drive) I feel like the issue is likely due to the SSD. OWC has given me an RMA number, but I would need to move the SSDs image to a hard drive before I return it. Is there any issues with moving a system drive partition from an SSD to a HD? I remembered reading that a fresh install of Windows 7 on an SSD sets up TRIM and other functionality correctly. If the system drive is replaced with a HD, will I run into further problems with Windows?
  7. theoryzero

    SandForce SF-1200, Sleep

    I've had a 120 GB OWC Mercury Extreme Pro for about three weeks. Been using sleep/resume with Windows 7 Pro 64-bit on my desktop flawlessly, bu t I can't comment on notebook usage.
  8. theoryzero

    Free SSD To Good Home

    I'll take it! Pick me! Pick me! I have an old Dell E1505 laptop from 2006 and this would surely be a significant boost in performance over the 5400 RPM drive that it shipped with (again, from 2006!!!). Please help my Windows 7 boot times...two minutes is killing me!
  9. theoryzero

    Intel SSD 510 Review Discussion

    I'm curious too. I have a little over two weeks to return the OWC drive if I decide to. Seems like the performance on ICH10R might be similar, but if the Intel drive is close to it in price, I'd rather pay the same or a bit more for something that will be more futureproof for when I move to a chipset that has SATA-3 support in a year or two.
  10. theoryzero

    Intel SSD 510 Review Discussion

    Maybe I missed it, but any word on availability?
  11. It sure is blue! Got the drive yesterday and plugged it in last night to play with it for a few minutes. First impressions were mixed, I opened up a 1.2 GB file into Photoshop and it took the same amount of time as it did opening it off of my 7.2K RPM Samsung drive. The disk must not be the bottleneck there. Then I tried loading a 1 GB music sample library into Kontakt. This was an amazing difference...18 seconds from disk down to less than 2 seconds from the SSD. Wow! I downloaded CrystalDiskMark, and some of my numbers aren't as high, maybe 25% slower than the numbers I've seen for this drive and other SandForce-1200 drives. However, I don't have AHCI enabled at this time. The next step, possibly this weekend, will be to enable AHCI and install Windows 7 on the SSD.
  12. Alright, thanks for the help guys. Well decision has been made...called up OWC and they said the Mercury Extreme Pro drives have 34nm chips. They also confirmed the 30-day return policy, which to me is worth the higher cost compared to other 120 GB models out there. So I pulled the trigger and ordered one, excited to finally be moving my system drive to an SSD!
  13. Thanks guys...I used to work at Seagate as a firmware engineer, so I was curious as to why there would be a variance in the reliability reports between different Sandforce drives. Led me to think that it may be a case of companies using different components in manufacturing or not having experience with manufacturing drives in general. Things like the drives not being recognized could be firmware or hardware, but if other manufacturers are using the same Sandforce controller and firmware and not having that problem, I start to suspect the hardware. In light of the recent post on the main page regarding 25nm, do you guys have any information about OWC moving from 34nm?
  14. I'm still considering the OWC simply because of their return policy...30 days no questions asked is hard to beat. It seems like if I buy an OCZ or some other Sandforce drive from the likes of Newegg then I am likely stuck with the drive and can only RMA for the same model if I have a problem. I'm curious how OWC, Patriot, OCZ, etc. are assembling their drives. Do you know if Sandforce provides the entire controller board? Or do they simply ship the processors, leaving the selling company to build the boards themselves? I'm trying to figure out whether all Sandforce drives are essentially the same (if they have the same controller card slapped on some flash) or if there is variable in the components (i.e. company A could use cheaper components than company .
  15. Brian, Thanks for the reply. Hmm, the OWC definitely seems to stomp on the Intel G2 in a lot of the benchmarks. I guess I had previously written them off since OWC predominantly sells products to the Mac crowd. Will that drive work fine in my PC? I'm kinda lumping the Corsair and Patriot drives in the same bucket of Vertex 2...based on the consumer reviews and forums, I don't feel comfortable giving them my money. Also, you are correct, the Intel 510 series wasn't announced...I should of said I saw the article last week. Hoping to hear something soon, but I have a feeling even if they are announced tomorrow, it might be a while before I can actually buy one.