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    Building storage with supermicro 846TQ

    yes, there are most used files , uploaded recently and old files used sometimes.. so tier storage could be one option. Will it gain with SAS needed performance ? Is that really that difference between sata drives ? There is one more affordable option and it's a lots of raid 5 etc 6x raid 5 (array of 4 drives, 3+1spare).. there is storage loss but better than raid 10, what do you think about this idea ? With sata drives there will be failure less horrible if just one array drops off..
  2. Reborning

    Building storage with supermicro 846TQ

    Thanks for answers, no 700MB/s won't be needed for one server or pair of servers in raid 60/50.. max 2gbits per server or 4 per pair.. it is used for file hosting, so IOPS imho is the thing we need most.. we tried raid 5 and 6 for one server with 22TB , it went down after few minutes of operation.
  3. Reborning

    Building storage with supermicro 846TQ

    Nobody to give me advice ?
  4. Hi, first i want to thank for help anyone who at least tries. We need to build good affordable storage for file server (lots of downloads). Now we have 2x SC846TQ filled with 23x1TB hdds and 1x250GB system, attached on 9650SE 24 port raid adapter AMCC, with 8Gs ddr2 ecc fbdimm, motherboard x7dwe and xeon e5420. HDDs are attached paralel, so no raid etc.. What is the best software solution with this hardware ? Now is transit per one server in primetime highest 700mbit/s, average 500mbit/s. I mean what raid to use, raid 10 ? raid 60 ? Would more ram affect transfer rate ? Goal is to achieve most capacity for best performance. Second, we got offer for next servers: 1x Supermicro® CSE-847E16-R1400LPB 4U chassis 1x LSI SAS 9260, PCI-E 6Gb/s, SATA/SAS 512MB RAID0,1,10,5 8-ch, bulk 1x LSI Battery Backup Units for 8888EM 2 ,9260 8x Cable, SFF8087(miniSAS) to SFF-8087(miniSAS), 600mm 4x DDR 3 ...4GB .......1333MHz ..ECC DIMM CL9, Dual Rank......Kingston 1x Quad-Core Intel® Xeon™ E5507- 2.26GHz/4.8 GT/sec/4MB/bez chladica 1x Intel® Nehalem cooler till 130W 1x Supermicro Motherboard Xeon X8DTE-F bulk 36x Seagate Constellation ES 2TB 7200RPM 64MB 3Gb/s SATA (we would like to change it for desktop as they are almost twice that cheaper) is this good , what would you change, what raid would you use etc.. Thanks !