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  1. I have a HP DL185 G5 server, the 8LFF model. What I'd like to do is install 2 2.5" SATA drives where the optical drive would normally go. The problem is, there doesn't seem to be any additional power cables available to power the two drives. The PSU has a single, 10-pin connector not in use, but that's it. Any ideas how I could accomplish this goal? I've seen these on Google: PSU Wire Harness 4-Drop SATA Adapter J1520 it looks like it might work. Anyone have any experience with these cables? Thanks!
  2. jpreed00

    DIY SAN Questions

    How would you rate this one? Assuming quality enterprise level drives?
  3. jpreed00

    DIY SAN Questions

    I understand and totally agree with your sentiment. However, since I am unable to satisfactorily provide you the details you need to provide a definitive answer, how about providing a range of options? Such as so and so combination of hardware would support 15-20 super high bandwidth VMs, where as such and such el-cheapo components would probably work better if you were only expecting to do low traffic stuff. Is providing a range of options possible?
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    DIY SAN Questions

    Well, the server will be serving as a storage SAN for a small to medium sized virtualization project. Maybe between 15-30 VMs max? I don't really have a hard number for the budget, I'm still trying to get a feel for the various options and requirements for such a server. Obviously, the cheaper the better, but before putting together a proposal, I'd like to understand the pros and cons of the various hardware choices, etc. Oh, and thanks for starting the new section!
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    DIY SAN Questions

    I don't mean to hijack the thread, but it seems like this would be an appropriate place to ask my question. I'm trying to create something along the lines of what the original poster is, except for a business environment. I don't have the budget to purchase a brand name SAN, but it appears that it is completely possible to build one. The purpose would be to export an iSCSI connection (using OpenFiler) and use it as shared storage for virtualization. Is there a thread somewhere on the forums that outlines the type of hardware necessary for this type of application? I apologize if this is improperly posted. I noticed that this particular forum doesn't have a Storage By Function -> Small Business Use section, so I'm kinda at a loss about where to post. Thanks guys (and/or gals)! Edit: This was the original post where this thread was found before I got moved. Check out the hardware description: