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  1. Gujski

    NHL Play offs

    I'm hoping the Ducks can pull this next one out, then it is up for grabs...nothing beats game sevens.
  2. Classic. "speak the perimeter password."
  3. Gujski

    Items banned from carry-on luggage

    When flying back from our honeymoon in florida, we had about 50 or so sea shells in a bag in our carryone, most of them fighting conchs which have pointy ends. i was worried they might say something, but they didnt.
  4. Check out Lite-on's burners, very reasonably priced and get good reviews.
  5. Gujski

    GOtta go back to work...bummed

    We're doing level 2 support of a unix app that is vendor supplied. I mainly do the patches and upgrades as we get them, mostly via shell scripts. We do misc development and testing with a variety of software as well. Starting to get into some C programming as well. We take on call too. My problem is i came in as a programmer analyst trainee. I started out in this chains' retail stores and they were doing in house promotions to the office as IT trainees which is how i got where I am. I got bumped up to assistant after a year and finally just got to associate last year. the college kids that come in are starting at associate level due to their degrees I guess ( i have a BS, but it is in meteorology) I've always felt i've been a step behind on salary due to coming in so low.
  6. Gujski

    GOtta go back to work...bummed

    I've been with the same company for almost 4 years in support and development and i'm not at 20/hr yet
  7. Gujski

    Western Digital Caviar WD1200JB

    just 6 months ago i bought a 30GB wd for the first peice of my soon to be built computer. Now 30 GB seems way to small for a spankin new system, i think I am going to go with this 120GB SE. BTW glad to see the site is still here, a great source of information for the not-so informed like myself.