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  1. timwhit

    Peak Oil

    See this documentary: http://www.endofsuburbia.com/ - It's all about peak energy production and how the world will be affected.
  2. timwhit

    Moderation Issue

    Uh, you NEVER read SR very much if you think that this topic is particularly more OT than B&G-type topics got "in the old days." I used to read the B&G everyday. I admit that many topics went OT, but this is extreme. f_vo says the same stinker in every thread, just like its.fubar was doing. Why anyone responds to his trolls is beyond me. I read threads over here once in a while, and whenever I do read them I see f_vo spewing more of his biased rhetoric over and over, which, as far as I can tell is just trolling.
  3. timwhit

    Let's Roll In Fallujah!

    After reading this thread I remembered why I never read SR anymore. This post went so far off topic that it is incredible. If the moderators wanted to do something the least bit helpful, then they wouldn't bothering warning f_vo, they would worry about keeping a topic in the right direction. Instead in this case the moderator helped to send this thread further off-topic. Warning people??? What is this place turning into AIM? If someone is truly a troll, the ban him, but warning is just pitiful. Back to the topic at hand: Bill, can you explain exactly what is happening with the cease-fire? I was talking to a guy a couple weeks ago that had just returned from Iraq, and he was telling me why there had been so many marines killed over there. His explanation was that instead of using Bradleys or other armored vehicles, they would do foot patrols. Now why in the hell, in this age of mechanized warfare would the Marines be doing foot patrols? The Army isn't doing them. Another reason why casualties have increased: instead of doing raids on houses to find weapons, terrorists, bad people; now they (Army & Marines) are going to suspect houses and just knocking on doors. This guy I was talking to (Sgt in Army) says that his platoon actually got in trouble for doing a raid like they had been doing them for the past several months. A week or two after he left Iraq several people from his Company were killed knocking on someone’s door, when they most likely would have been alive today had the raid been done like a raid.
  4. timwhit

    high school

    The vast majority of colleges (Universities for you British/Aussie types) do not sell alcohol in their main campuses in the U.S. Very few allow alcohol on campus at all, except for special events. (Some not even then.) Weird...at University of Wisconsin Madison they sell beer right in the Union. Until this year they had a 44oz for like $3. Drink two of those in an hour and you will feel pretty good. We also have something like 18 bars within a half-mile of campus. But, they just banned drink specials on weekends. I guess too many people were getting arrested or something. I don't think trying hard in High School is all that important, unless you need to try hard to get good grades. I didn't try all that hard (and got mostly A's and B's). But, if you get high enough test scores they will still let you into a good University. Don't skip classes, that's probably the best way to lower your grades. My best advice is to make as many friends as you can, but don't forget your old friends. All of my best friends have been my best friends since 1st grade. Try to have fun, but you don't need to get drunk or smoke an eighth* to have fun with friends. There is plenty of time for that stuff in college. * (I wonder if anyone knows what that is (Other than SC of course))
  5. timwhit

    Favorite Computer News / Info Websites

    I forgot about /. I go there a couple times a week, more if I don't have anything else to do.
  6. timwhit

    Favorite Computer News / Info Websites

    Why didn't the forum turn those links into links? Stupid thing any BB software should be able to tell that www.something.com is a hyperlink. Do I really need to type http://www.something.com to make it work? Pretty lame if you ask me.
  7. timwhit

    Favorite Computer News / Info Websites

    www.storageforum.net www.storagereview.com Those are the only ones I go to anymore. The rest are boring.
  8. timwhit

    Why I don't like Passport

    Isn't there another company that you can buy a product from that isn't crappy or evil? Why go through all this if there is another solution that works better?
  9. timwhit

    Woah... New Look!

    Thanks Eugene. Now I can spam the board...hahahaha
  10. timwhit

    Woah... New Look!

    I agree can this crap be removed. I do not think there are any members around here that have really ever spammed the board. This is an unnecessary precaution, plus you can always enable it later on if it ever becomes a problem. I have run into this about 6 times in the last 2 days, and it is starting to get on my nerves.
  11. timwhit

    Satellite Internet Service

    That stupid delay between posts can suck my balls...just so you know. Mercutio, when have you ever talked to someone from an ISP's tech support that was actually intelligent? You have to get to Tier 2 or 3 support before you will get anyone that knows what they are talking about. Sometimes I will just ask to be transferred to Tier 2 right away, that will get you past all the crap like is your computer on?
  12. timwhit

    Satellite Internet Service

    I bet you could try it out almost risk free. Buy the equipment and test it out for a couple months. If you like it then keep the service and the equipment. If you don't like it or it doesn't work very well then sell that $600 worth of equipment on eBay. People on eBay will pay a ridiculous amount of money for used crap.
  13. timwhit

    Best 3000$ AutoCAD workstation

    Onboard SCSI sucks AFAIC. Motherboards are replaced far more often than SCSI adapters. I have been using the same SCSI adapter for the past three motherboards that have been in my system. The Raptor is currently a ripoff. I would go with a current generation 10K RPM SCSI drive or even a current gen 15K RPM drive (I like Seagate, I have had good experience with their SCSI drives). Use RAID 1 if you are concerned about data loss. You don't even need a SCSI RAID board if you use Windows 2000 Server which has built in RAID 1 support which works very well in my experience. You will never be able to tell the difference between different NF2 boards or even the difference between an NF2 board and a KT333/400 board unless you are benching the system. Buy your board based on features not on a .6% performance gain. On a dual CPU system: The added cost is not worth it for most users. Unless you are using some very large Autocad files then I doubt that you will ever need the second CPU. Use the extra money that would be spent on a Dual rig on a DVD burner or something else that is equally as cool. (Like a couple 15K drives in a RAID 1 setup). Get a Quattro if you are doing some serious rendering. Otherwise a highend Geforce 4 will give you almost as much performance for a lot less money.
  14. timwhit

    Raptor + sisoft sandra benchmark

    If you want to test Transfer rate then try HDTach or ATTO. Do a Google search to find where you can download them.
  15. timwhit

    Woah... New Look!

    I just noticed that we lost out location field. Is there any way to get that back?