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    Which drive to buy in my NAS?

    Hitachi NAS Platform is one of the pre-effective NAS (Network Attached Storage). It is powered by BlueArc. It is a powerful tool for sharing files and file server consolidation, data protection. This NAS to provide maximum efficiency and customer satisfaction. translation companies
  2. cherylfoster

    Silverstone HDDBoost Review

    There really is no doubt that the Silverstone HDD Boost has a power level and performance in critical areas that simply do better than the hard disks operating system should be obvious to you, the reader, even the newest generation is slow solid state faster in most areas than the fastest hard drive. translation companies
  3. cherylfoster

    most reliable hard drive?

    Obviously, Seagate is one of the most reliable hard disk. I had three WD disk go bad in the year following their purchase. It provide a best efficiency. RMA impossible if you want to retrieve the data, so its in my closet until you have the money to get that data out there. Anyway, GB Seagate 5 year warranty. translation companies