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  1. Well sure - I would go crazy if my dedicated controller I paid > 1,000$ for would not recognize these drives correctly. Unfortunately you even need a free PCI Express 8x slot for this one, which could lead to other limitations, depending on your mainboard layout.
  2. I posted this problem in the Nvidia support forum (because it's obviously a nForce problem) but they told me it's just a limitation of the MBR and I should use GPT! Are they even understanding what the problem is? I guess we really have to wait until many people buy these >2.18TB drives and complain that those are not working. I hope that most controllers will recognize them with proper firmware. But I guess this will be an argument for manufactures to push new (compatible) hardware controllers into the market :| At least there are some controllers who recognize those drives - a list would be great so you can choose your mainboard wisely
  3. Maybe it's a wrong suggestion, but I recently acuired for my "small business" an XIV and all peaople are more than happy with it. It may be way beyond over the top for your needs but for huge amounts of storage you need different calculations for sefety and redundancy. So when you actually need 9TB I would never buy storage hardware which could hold less than at least twice that much. Also access and IOPS to that data might be important. NAS systems tend to scale not that well if you have many users doing heavy lifting. So a SAN would be much better. But now we are talking enterprise hardware with FC or iSCSI connections. So it really depends on you budget. If you can afford loosing all data and hardware and build up everything from scratch in days with a previously made backup, than a NAS build for home-use should be fine. Also it should be common sense that if the data is important it should never be backed up on another harddrive, at least not at the same location. I just had a custome with a major power and UPS fail who lost his main storage and his backup on his NAS
  4. I just got a WD 3TB drive and no controller (Intel and nForce) i have was able to recognize the drive. Well they did but only 746GB which is 3TB dec mod 2TB bin So I had to use the bundles HighPoint RocketRAID 620 HBA which worked like a charm. But using the drive in an external USB enclosure has the same limitations.