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    SSD for Library

    Library is used for research only, internet browsing text editing, some times people listen to music or watch youtube, no movie watching or downloading is allowed, all the data is saved to a file server. Thanks for all your input. Mihai
  2. mifantrax

    SSD for Library

    Thanks Brian You think they will last also enough ? The computers in our library are used 90 Days per year and not 24 hours. So i would say a max 100 days per year about 10 hour a day. Thanks
  3. mifantrax

    SSD for Library

    I limited it to 50 because my needs are not higher. So i am not limiting I just wanted to mean that i am not looking for volume rather for performance and reliability, still i can not go into the enterprise ssd. Budget is ~100$ + max 10$. Better if less I have Crucial m4 and Intel 320. I like both of them however they are pretty new and i do not know how they will behave in the long run. Performance is really good, much faster than HDD. Thanks for directing me to Samsung, I have not read anything about them. IF anybody has to suggest anything let me know. Thanks
  4. mifantrax

    SSD for Library

    Thanks, that is not very encouraging, do you think i should go back to HDD ?
  5. mifantrax

    SSD for Library

    Hi Please guide me in the right direction. I am setting up new computers for our library, 25 of them. Computer will be loaded with win7, office, and some other small programs, I need a fast and reliable SDD small capacity 25 gb is enough but i am looking at a maximum of 50gb. I was looking at Patriot torqx2 but it seems to get bad reviews. So I am looking at the best drive for the lowest price possible,(value)and would last 5 years without any hiccups and would still be faster that HDD. Thank you.
  6. Manufacturer: WD Family: RE4 Released: 15 July 2010 Notes: Model Name (product family): WD2002SYPS Model Number: Capacity: 2000 URL: http://www.wdc.com/en/products/products.aspx?id=30 Interface: Sata Spindle Speed: 7200 Seek: Buffer: 64 MB Density: 1000