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  1. Hi MKANET, At the moment, we are unsure of the compatibility with the newer 4TB hard drives. We are in contact with our engineering team and will have an investigation and answer as soon as possible. We have also confirmed your e-mail with us and have already replied there. Please do feel free to let us know if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you!
  2. Hi Axl, the current version doesn't support SATA III hard drives. We found that one of the drive bays is unstable when using with SATA III hard drives, and we believe it is an interference issue between the SATA connections. We are working on a revised PCB and we will post an announcement on our website when the new revised board becomes available. Thank you, ICY DOCK
  3. Hello friends, I am a representative for Icy Dock. I was asked to find ways to improve our products so that they better suit the needs of our users. After scouring the net looking for ideas, I realized that the best way to find out what users want is to ask the users. So here I am. I am looking for user feedback from anyone who has ever used any of our storage products. We are looking for input that can help us improve our current line, or perhaps ideas for new hard drive storage related products. In other words, tell us what you want . Thank you for your help! Andy

    Do Icy Dock cages pass SMART data?

    Hi Jon, Firstly, I would like to apologize that we were not able to satisfy your question with the initial answer we had provided. We do our very best to provide the excellent support to any of our customer whether they be new or have purchased before. In regards to your question, most of our external devices are discontinued with the exception of MB662US-2S, MB662USEB-2S and MB561US-4S-1 (MB561US-4SB-1). With that said, here are the bridge controller for each device: MB662US-2S: SiI5744 MB662USEB-2S:oxufs936ds MB561US-4S-1: JM20339 I hope this information will be of use for you. Please feel free to let us know if you have any questions or concerns about this. Regards, -Jun Technical Sales & Support

    Best performing HD not going SSD yet

    Hey Jarablue, Just wanted to add to the different list of options, the Samsung Spinpoint F3 (HD103SJ), 1TB and is a pretty good performing drive, especially if you're on a budget as well! With your issue about the SSD, it could just be that one, I personally do not have any issues with my Kingston V-series drive. Hope this helps with your search!