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  1. The reason why it wasn't made to replace the hard drive, is that it's DRAM. It's volitile memory. Hard drives are non volitile. I hope you don't plan on reinstalling Windows every time you shut your PC down.
  2. I read a review of a PCI based DRAM drive. The point of them isn't to replace magnetic, but to place the swap file on it for high disk usage applications. Applications such as photoshop doing complex tasks was much faster because it had the extremely low latency (for a disk atleast) RAM rather than having to move the heads on the hard drive. It'll never be mainstream, but for a niche, it's better than a butt load of more expensive system memory or a massive and expensive bank of 15k RPM drives.
  3. Demon-Xanth

    Optical Drive Comparison.

    I'm looking into simplifying my drive arrangement, and I currently have the following drives installed: Pioneer DVD-305S (DVD-ROM) Plextor 40TSI (CD-ROM) NEC 2500A (DVD+/-RW) also at my disposal is an NEC 5800C (DVD-ROM) How do the 5800C, 2500A, and the 305S compare at DVD ripping? How do the 40TSI, the 2500A, and the 5800C compare at CD ripping? I'm mainly concerned about accuracy, and the ability to read "well used" media as a CD binder I used to have make a bunch of my CDs nearly unreadable, and made some flat out unreadable. I've been having a hard time finding a good place that can compare these drives as the NEC drives don't get very much review action. They are nice and quiet, which is a plus.
  4. Demon-Xanth

    Proof of God's Existence

    My view on religion: It was once a way of explaining the unexplainable. It is currently a good way of passing along good morals. Most religious texts give insight into historical events. Most religious storys are to provide a moral. The biblical stories and Aesop's fables aren't that far apart. As long as they aren't taken to extremes, religion CAN be a good thing. Taken to extremes, religion is VERY bad. What really sold me on the bible having the complete inability to be taken literally? Adam and eve had three kids, one killed another, so he was exiled and he went to the TOWN (yes, a town with more people than there should've been existing) of Nod. Why I think the bible can be used for historical insight: Noah's flood was a fairly accurate description of what it would've been like to be in the area that the Black Sea currently occupies when they Medditeranian sea broke a natural dam. This kind of perspective doesn't happen often.
  5. I'd perfer to have a more monolithic viewpoint instead of DLL chaos. I like software to stand alone and be portable. Being able to just pick up a directory and put it somewhere else and have it work has it's advantages, but so many software designers want to put the software on your system like a flock of birds puts droppings on your car.
  6. Demon-Xanth


    Seagate. They're the most consistant. No real suprises with them.
  7. Demon-Xanth

    15K SCSI vs 2 Raptors in RAID 0

    Not all southbridges are connected via PCI busses anymore. Quite often there's a dedicated high bandwidth link that the onboard controllers are tied into, thus removing them from the PCI bottleneck. The thing I notice about SCSI HDs "feeling" faster than IDEs typically can be traced to access times. SCSI, even older ones, often kill IDE. I had an IBM 36LZX drive as my main drive at one point, it whooped on the 34GXP and Barracuda ATA IV speedwise. It's just that the access time was so much faster that when it had to go to a random piece of data the delay was less. I didn't do much that required a fast STR.
  8. I think you're looking at it backwards, it's probably 0, 1, 2, 3, 4. And they probably set the SCSI ID.
  9. Demon-Xanth

    Question for Dual Monitor Users

    Well, there goes the work friendliness of this thread (thanks, I needed it)
  10. Demon-Xanth

    Replacing non-SSE CPU by SSE CPU

    I swapped a 450P2 and 600P3B back and forth with no problems whatsoever. (Win2k) It won't be a problem.
  11. Demon-Xanth

    Question for Dual Monitor Users

    If you're looking for a secondary card and 3D capabilities aren't an issue, look into older Matrox PCI cards. I run a Millenium (the first one, MGA chipset) as a secondary to a G450 DH at home (3 monitors) and it works great.
  12. Demon-Xanth

    Question for Dual Monitor Users

    I perfer two 17"s over a single 21". (19's would be better) What dual monitors allow you to do is make a pair of applications full screen. When you need to translate data from one to the other or check for differences it makes it really easy. Example: Schematic capture program exports BOM in a tab delimited format I can open this in wordpad on one monitor, and have the database app that controls the company wide BOMs and documents in another. Rather than switching between them and losing focus, I simply just move my eyes.
  13. Demon-Xanth

    MP3 Monitor

    Now you know. The keyswitch is from a car, and it controls the reset, keylock, and power functions depending on the position it's in.
  14. Demon-Xanth

    A Boing 757 crashed into the Pentagon, didn't it?

    One very important thing to consider: They were making the building more blast proof at the time. They had JUST finished that portion, it wasn't even open to the general workforce yet. From the pictures I've seen, it wasn't a direct hit (it contacted the ground first) The pentagon's walls were not under the same forces as a sky scraper. Weight was not an issue when building the pentagon, they used some heavy ass materials instead of the light weight materials. Inertia/momentum/kinetic energy equastions take effect.
  15. Demon-Xanth

    Record Labels Back Software to Stem Piracy.

    Since when have they been concerned about legality? (decades of price fixing)