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  1. Thanks for the suggestions! I called both Synology and QNap and they will support 3TB drives very soon. So I'll probably wait for that; otherwise, I would probably have to go with an 8-bay system to make sure we have room to expand. The two systems I'm considering are: 1. Synology 5 bay with the 5 bay expansion (with RAID-5): http://www.synology.com/us/products/DS1010+/index.php 2. Qnap 6 (or 8) bay (with RAID-5): http://www.qnap.com/pro_detail_feature.asp?p_id=145 Someone else recommended a Netgear Pro 6-bay. As for the back-ups, I'm thinking of using the Synology 5 bay expansion as a cost-effective back-up for the Synology 5 bay NAS. Or, if I go with Qnap, then buying another 6-bay Qnap. Alternately, I'm considering only backing up some of the data, and buying a smaller, 2-bay NAS, which I can store in a location outside of the office when not performing back-ups. Any other suggestions for backing up the NAS? Thanks all!
  2. To be on the safe side, I'm thinking of getting a NAS with twice that capacity. File servers are like suitcases, the more space you have, the more you'll fill it, right? As for performance, I'm looking for a file server for 10-15 people to upload/download video and large graphic files, and a back-up system that's not too complicated or involved to use. It doesn't need to be super high-end system... something reliable, functional, and inexpensive. Thanks again!
  3. I'll try to come up with a figure, but the most economical option, the better! Also, what would I need to budget for software? Thank you so much in advance for your suggestions!
  4. My small business has 9 TB of data (mostly video and graphic files) that needs to be shared among co-workers and also backed up safely. What's the latest economical system(s)? I was thinking of copying all the data which now resides in different external hard drives to a NAS (Network Attached Server). As for the back-up, I looked into storing the data in a cloud (Amazon S3), but it might be out of our budget since we have so much data. Are tape back-ups a cheaper option? Any other alternatives? Perhaps using just the cloud instead of also storing the files in a local server? Thank you very much!