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    Adata 64GB S596 vs S599

    These are my speeds with the current S599's in RAID 0: I will post the Corsair speeds as soon as I got my hands on them.
  2. Capa

    Adata 64GB S596 vs S599

    Mine are configured as RAID 0 on a Intel raid controller, so the drivers are probably already different than you are using. Maybe its the motherboard, but I'd put my money drive itself, not the controller. I think I'm gonna buy 2 Corsair Force 60GB drives when I get my money back and play around with them, they also use the Sandforce controller. I am also using a X58 based motherboard btw, hope that's not the problem
  3. Capa

    Adata 64GB S596 vs S599

    I also had the S596's, they got returned because they had the habbit of not being detected by my bios and because they were in RAID it was unbootable... The law in The Netherlands is pretty good for a customer with bad products, if the product is a inferior product the customer can demand his money back. I dunno how the law is where you live, but I expect there should be a way to work this out with the supplier of your drive.
  4. Capa

    Adata 64GB S596 vs S599

    I've registered just for this topic only. I have the same disks from A-Data, so did a friend of mine, and used it in a RAID 0 setup. The speeds are superb, but the realiability seems poor. My first 2 drives had loads of reallocated sector counts which I found out because I had random BSOD's and unbootable disks, so I returned mine and got 2 new ones. I told my friend to test his drivers also. He had no BSOD's, but did had the same terrible reallocated sector count. So that are 4 drives which are crap. My current drives are giving me BSOD's since a week or 2, I need to read the SMART values of those 2 soon (SMART does not work in RAID, but to lazy to remove them from my system ). So if those drives have the same problems, that would number 5 and 6... So my advise to you is keep watching your SMART values and it would be nice if you could let me know how your drive is doing after a couple of weeks.