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  1. ExFAT should do it, and MAC can do it.
  2. fjf

    Samsung 2TB SSD: when?

    15 TB:
  4. I have an old laptop and want to install an SSD to speed it up. What's the consensus now?. Will windows XP work just with the garbage collection without active TRIM or will it degrade its performance until it works as slow as a mechanical HDD?
  5. 120GB is enough. Will an old m400 (I have it spare) do it or should I need to purchase a samsung?
  6. XP does not have TRIM. Download the samsung magician soft and run "performance optimization" to get something similar. It should restore performance.
  7. The drive was purchased 3 months ago and Amazon agreed to exchange it (despite being out of the 30 days window). It turns out that you need a drive failure to find out who takes care of their customers and who doesn't. I just thought I should warn you all.
  8. ..because their service is nonexistant. I've got 3 of them and one just died. When you log in in their web and try to get a reprlacement/repair under warranty, they give you two contact emails and one phone number that do not exist. Unbelievable. Dont know what happens abroad, but here they just leave you stuck in the mud.
  9. There have been a number of discussions about this (i.e. The main point is that there is no agreement about the parking feature becoming a problem. WD argues that there are no drive failures because of it and that the number of cycles is essentially harmless. Maybe people worry too much?.