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  1. ok thanks for that write up lunadesign - appreciated. re your question about secure erase - so long as you mean the mark all cells free version, rather than the write zero to every sector version, then i think you'll be fine. whether it's necessary to do that in your scenario - i cant say sorry.
  2. will be watching the replies to this one. as a carbon copy cloner user i'd wondered about a similar utility for windows - came across winclone which was i think pd good in its day. is ghost similar/as good?
  3. rtrtrtrt

    SSD Giveaway Thread!

    well I think I beat all of you hands down - as I actually 'won' a disc in the last giveaway in july! it just hasn't shipped yet - eh kevin?! still it's only been 4 months - so every time the post arrives with a parcel too big for the box - i live in hope
  4. rtrtrtrt

    SSD Giveaway Thread!

    and there was me thinking one of those disks had my name on it!
  5. I'm getting by very well with my vertex 2 for apps and docs on my desktop. media and any other large files are on normal hdds. i'd definitely not pay more for a caching solution as I think benefits would be limited. on a laptop - so long as i could replace the dvd drive with a hdd and have the main drive as ssd then again i'd be fine with that. appreciate there are other usage models but dont think i'm particularly unique either.
  6. rtrtrtrt

    Will heat impact HDD performance

    when the first 3TB Seagate Externals came out Anandtech tested one. He found that the throughput dropped off significantly as it got hot. iirc it was around 70C maybe higher - he speculated that the drive was having to correct errors. think all went back to normal after it cooled. ------------------- edited for spelling
  7. yep it was the silverstone - back in january
  8. did we see something similar a few months back. not sure if it was icy dock but think the functionality was pretty similar.
  9. rtrtrtrt

    Freecom XS, WD Elements, or internal Seagate?

    some of the new wd external drives dont have a sata interface on the drive itself - so you'd be stuck if the model you mention has that problem. i've bought the seagate 3tb for similar reasons to you - no use for your project tho - think they're 7200rpm.
  10. rtrtrtrt

    The Hard Drive Giveaway Thread!

    count me in for any of them - always been told i'm not fussy!
  11. think there are other 12.5mm 1TB drives out there - if there are - how does this one compare?
  12. rtrtrtrt

    Intel 510 vs X25-M G3

    Yep seems like the Marvell based drives will allow them to be competitive against Sandforce as an interim solution until they can get their own controller out........maybe!
  13. rtrtrtrt

    Free SSD To Good Home

    If I snag the free SSD, then I'll use it to keep my old PPC iMac going for another year or 2. It's pd slow with it's old 250G WD drive, PPC processor and maxed 2G RAM, so i'm sure that the Kingston would give it a welcome boost in day to day user/OS response time!
  14. Thanks for the heads up. Glad i have the 'old' 34nm vertex 2 as my boot drive. will be a while before i pick up another - if thats how they're going to play it.