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  1. Samsung 860 PRO SSD Review Discussion

    if they don't lower the price per GB I don't understand what they improved. it seems a good upgrade for samsung but not for customers.
  2. Samsung 860 PRO SSD Review Discussion

    I see pretty indentical performance over 850 PRO, so what's the point of this drive? Same performance with newer label. Why?
  3. Toms published a news of the new Samsung 850 and the new Samsung 860...,35675.html is there some rumors on it? What's the poin of the new 850? What are the new "features" of the 860?
  4. New Samsung 850 and new Samsung 860

    I tought that the 850 was a cheaper 850EVO to replace the 750. If this is not the case I think that the 850EVO has no sense anymore. Am I wrong? Will 850EVO be discontinued in favour of the 850?
  5. New Samsung 850 and new Samsung 860

    is there some advantages in more layers?
  6. New Samsung 850 and new Samsung 860

    Please refresh my mind. 850 EVO uses TLC-VNAND 850 PRO uses MLC-VNAND if this is right, what's the difference between the 850 EVO and the 850?
  7. New Samsung 850 and new Samsung 860

    some more news on toms,5322.html#xtor=RSS-100 but still not understand the difference between the 850 and the 850 EVO.
  8. Intel Optane 900P vs Samsung 950 PRO

    thank you guys
  9. Will I see any performance improvements from upgrading my Samsung 950 PRO to a new Optane 900P? My usage is gaming and java development.
  10. Intel Optane 900P vs Samsung 950 PRO

    I think that same. My tasks are not I/O bound but the interesting thing is that Intel is advertising optane as something good for players. How this could be good for players? Are games I/O bound?
  11. New Samsung 850 and new Samsung 860

    Regarding the 860, what is the difference from VNAND 3bit TLC used in the 850 EVO and the QLC used in the 860?
  12. Hi, do you think that this upgrade has some sense? How much faster is the 960PRO over the 950PRO? I know that it depends on the application but for some gaming, some videoediting, and some coding, will I see the difference?
  13. Hi all, I think that it is time to completely remove mechanical drives from my rig. I don't want to hear the sound of this ancient drive anymore and I don't want to wait seconds to load a software or even a game. 2TB HDD will remain outside of my rig in the NAS for photos and videos. For work (mostly java development and virtual machines) and fun (games on high end SLI, adobe creative suite, various software) I need 1TB of space. I don't want to spend too much but 600€ could be reasonable, more or less. I'm really in doubt if buying a Samsung 950 PRO 256GB for OS and work and a Samsung 850 EVO 1TB for gaming and software or wait for a Samsung 950 PRO 1TB. What do you suggest?
  14. Just my two cents on my latest upgrade. at the end I bought a Samsung 950 PRO 512GB for software and OS and a Samsung 850 EVO 1TB for games. (photos and videos still on 2TB HDD) The biggest improvements was on the 850 EVO, games now are another story than when installed on HDD. The 950PRO doesn't bringed any performance improvements on my rig, before the 950 PRO I had a Corsair Force GT240GB used for the OS and Software and I see no improvements at all. Boot time are nearly identical, load software are nearly identical, working with VM are nearly identical. 950PRO is a pure waste of money, there is no real life area where this drive is faster than a normal SSD if not on benchmarks. This drive can be good on a server but this is not a server drive, for a desktop or a workstation this drive is unuseful.
  15. Hi, I have just mounted my new Samsung 850 EVO 1TB on a Asus X99 Deluxe motherboard running a 5930K. I have created the partition (GPT), formatted it as NTFS and then started some benchmark like ATTO and Crystal Disk Mark. The SSD is mounted as a secondary drive for data storage, my OS drive is a Corsair Force GT240GB that is waiting to be replaced by another SSD. This is the results of the reviewers: and this is mine, as you can see is much slower ... this is the benchmark from the reviews: and this is my slower one: Why my drive is slower than reviews? My X99 motherboard should max out the drive Help me please...
  16. Hi, my atto/crystal disk mark benchmark are fine, I can read 2500MB/sec and write 1500MB/sec but the boot time are slower on my Samsung 950 PRO SSD than on my older Corsair Force GT 240GB. How this could be possible? I don't expected too much improvements but worse boot performance neither.
  17. I have done a fresh install once backed up the old one. Before installing with a fresh install I have done a secure erase with magician software from samsung. IOPS remains the same and the boot time is slower than my SATA SSDs.
  18. I will try it if you say to do it. I cloned the drive using samsung data migration tool. that tool should clone the entire drive no problem, it should not affect performance. your suggestion is to format the drive? thanks!!!
  19. no, this is the strange things. the detection phases requires the same time, more or less. the longer time is experienced in windows loading (I have a lot of programs at start). in any case with the same software corsair force gt is faster to load, the windows installation is the same since I cloned the corsair force gt installation on the samsung drive. very strange...
  20. this is my ATTO, it's not bad at all but it boots slow:
  21. Drivers and cables are OK, firmware is the latest available. Drive is set in ahci mode and connected to the Intel controller. It seems that my corsair force GT 240 is faster than my 850 EVO in the 4k test.
  22. Hi, should I set the 10% over provisioning as suggested by samsung magician? Is it something really needed?
  23. Samsung 850 EVO overprovisioning

    No, for that work I ordered a 950 PRO 512GB. This is mainly the games / photo editing drive.
  24. If you say that my results isn't bad I will avoid formatting the drive since I installed a lot of things on it now. If you say is ok, I'm in, it's ok.